"He who has Spirit inside needs little outside"
...and happily we go on our way.
Love that. :D
me too...being happy is Being happiness..a state....just Be it!
It is so easy to say just be happy but happiness, joy is an energy like any other feeling. And there are times when other energies are present for whatever reason and happiness is not. For example who can say "just be happy" when they have lost a loved one? Who has that kind of super power to ignore the process, the energy of grief? Grief or other sad, even angry emotions serve a purpose. I am very slow to anger but yet I could not so easily say I was happy if someone robbed my house or stole my car or even abused me in some way. I am a care giver who works with energy and there is a time and a place for allowing what energies arise. In not allowing them can cause more harm than good. What we should be talking about here is more of the kinds of feelings folks have when they do not wish to move from an acquired pattern and make that a which should be uncomfortable into that which is a comfortable place to stay. Anyway, just my few words to contribute to this thread...Fern
If you have Spirit inside you will need very little from the outside apart from physical needs.
there is that funny little word....need...I am not getting picky,its just that everyone uses this word...need is an illusion to me..if i am the I Am,then what would i want?..i already am it!..including all the sorrows and happiness created by thought and feeling...Is the Great Spirit the I Am?...am I...are you?...lets be it,... and find out...I dont know any other way to know something..,than to have the experience of it,and for me to create that,I have to start Being it....just imagine
You are the I AM when you are fully realized; until then you are not the I AM
Well he left so is now the HE WAS!
hahahahaahaha Graham hahahahaha obviously!!!! hahahahaha you are so funny.

I think he had his need and it was to be right all the time ....

Anyway, I love a good spiritual discussion but I must say this fella was a wee bit pushy with his thoughts for my liking. We all are at different stages on our spiritual journey and when someone thinks they have all the answers and your'e an absolute dummy it becomes more about ego than about spirituality. I respect you Willing for you sincere comments and your own journey and would love to discuss things more. These discussions can go on forever and around in circles. They remind me of the old hippy type days when folks sat around philosophising ... quite the energy to them.

Thanks for the laugh Graham lol ....Fern
Hi Fern,
it's easy to agree with your views on the emotional rollercoaster that life is to some humans.Some are more fortunate than others and breeze through with little effort....others have to work hard to find a balance and peace of mind."Preaching" at adults doesn't do it ( even if your'e deluded like our mystic ex-member) Tony :lol:
Yes Tony, it does seem like some folks think they have all the answers but it boils done to the individual person's journey in the end. It get's very tiring when one person comes down on others for expressing their views and basically feels he are better in his thoughts. I like to flow through life...all the roughs and smooths that come my way I deal with at the time in the best and most courageous, way I can. I look for happiness in each day and even have a gratitude journal so that I take care to notice the small things that may be over looked. Over all, even though I have had huge storms to wade my way through I still see the rainbow. Sometimes what is so simple like just living the best we can is turned into a debate of egos. Life can be simpler than that....breath this day in and enjoy what is in it....Fern
Phew . . . .i`m glad the big `I Am` has gone . . . . . .was he pushing for a best seller or something, or was he thinking about converting his `Epic words of wisdom` into another Shakespeare play, goddammit or even a film . . . . oh he was shootin for an oscar!!!!!!
Well ty Graham for a timely piece of gigglefoonery . . .the timing was perfect. lol.
R.I.P. Oh wise one of many delusions!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:
hahahahahaha snipes hahahahahaha well said.
I liked him .. guess he just had his own opinion of inner peace ... perhaps just the wrong forum to bring it too .. no harm done .. each to their own .. its what make's the world see everyone differently .. he was never offensive .. he just expressed his views ... that we all do sometimes i guess : ))) who is right and who is wrong perhaps is the question ... who are we too judge ..he seemed a peaceful tranquil person too me ....... i liked reading his post he left us thinking not demanding .. Jane
Spiritual satisfaction beautifies one inner which reflects their outer look. Happiness is always around us all we have to do is look for and be happy even small things makes u happy and when you are sad upset for some reason or if you are hurt try to forgive and forget takes time but in end you will be happy doing so and happiness will surround you