I live in an apartment complex that has apx 200 units. Last year when coming into my apartment a stray cat came around my legs rubbing and meowing. I did nothing and ignored her. I talked to management and they too knew of the cat and said it was a friendly, well behaved animal that must have been left behind after a move out.They where trying to find it a home. So I watched. I watched for a whole year as "Cat" lived her life in the apartment complex. I watched as she fought for food, looked for warmth during the winter, and tried to avoid cars and dogs. I fought myself daily to not put out food. I cannot have an animal so adoption was out of the question.
Six weeks ago I broke down an brought cat food, and put a can outside. Three weeks ago "Cat" followed me into my apartment through an open door. I then decided I could no longer see her struggle through another winter. I tried to find her a home while she enjoyed my home and a full belly. When I couldn't and was faced with having her go back outside, I took her to the Humane Society for re-homing. What happened next put me in tears for two weeks, and on a search to the answer to the question why.
I was informed that since 2007 the Humane Society has been using a program called Trap-Neuter-Return, based on programs that have popped up in Europe over the years. When they find a left behind cat(or one turned in), they trap it, neuter, and return it to the "wild". In other words they return it to the neighborhood that it was picked up in. I was shocked. There was no concern about weather, food, danger, rabies shots, or sickness. More than one person talked to me(a group did)and stood by the belief that this practice was preferable to euthanasia.
The were so proud of what they where doing they discussed many of the cat colonies around the city. Since the cats where neutered they maintained, they should be able to live out their lives. No answers where give as to shots(rabies)food, danger(dogs,cars,bigger animals)or weather. That didn't matter, just as long as they get to live out their lives.They had taken "Cat" and informed me that since she was in the program(notched ear I didnt notice) and had been returned, if not found a home, would be "put to sleep". I was horrified. They did not give her back.
I went home and researched the program they where referring too. The program started in 2007 and since then more than eleven thousand cats have been trapped(or brought in), neutered and returned to the "wild". I checked with Peta and they are against the program since it is cruel in a most basic manner. I also check with the CDC and since these programs have become wide spread, cats now are considered the number one carrier of rabies.
I was taught to respect animals. That it was humane to NOT let an animal suffer. What is humane to allow any animal to starve, freeze, suffer disease, or be killed by a dog, car, or other wild life?. So we don't euthanasia them, but release them into the "wild" and get to smile with the thought that they live in a Never-Never land of human good will and love. Never looking to closely at the reality of what we have condemned them too. I came home shocked, and so upset I cried. I had given "Cat" to be delivered up on the altar of Political Correctness gone amok. I am still upset because of my actions "Cat" might never been re homed. I understand from the Humane Society that some people will drop off food for them. But what about warmth, free from predators or disease, and most importantly....what about Love?
OMG, I was expecting a lovely heart warming end, never thought a place like that would be so cruel, very upsetting to learn that they could do this worse still how could an owner just leave their pet behind. I found a jack Russell about 10 yrs back she must have had pups has her teats were hanging down, I  took her in and put up flyers that I had found her, in shops etc, anyway got nowhere so took her to the dogs home, after looking around the place I could not bring myself to leave her there and kept her myself. I still have her she is blind now but I have no idea how old she is. but you think your doing good by putting animals in these kind of places and giving to animal charities when in fact most just don't care, very sad indeed  :cry:
There are lots of feral cats and some are friendly so they are not really feral cats, but they find shelter in someone's shed, or barn, or under the porch during the cold winter months, there are lots of people that feed them so they do have a nice warm belly every day and if they are full, then they won't eat all what is left for them, but another cat might finish the dish up smacking their lips clean.

There is one around here that look like one of our cat, often when I see this cat, I will check and see if Angel is inside, and sure enough she is cuddling up in her favor spot. This cat won't go near anyone but it is well look after, there is another one that is smokey grey with a white muzzle that is very friendly but refuse to go inside anyone's home, but it will find food and shelter during the wet or cold months.

These cats are caught, vet check and shots then release into the world where it came from, so there is no worries about kennel cough or other disease. Yes they are check to see if they are fix or not, not sure how they can tell with a female cat, and then release into the outdoor living as they love it rather than living inside, as cats are hunters and they will hunt for foods.

But soon, in around 2017, all cats in this city that I live in has to stay indoor, licence or otherwise it will be caught and put into animal shelters in the area.
You must live in a Cat Utopia Stardaisy. What you described is beyond my understanding.The cats here dont have a full belly, are not rounded up and given shots, and are left to face the cold and hunger as well as a host of other diseases. The only concern is that the don't reproduce thus neuter. This is not humane. Anybody that will say these cats will live healthy full lives in these "wild" conditions, is not working with a full deck. Maybe a taco short of a full meal deal.
For even Peta considers this practice beyond cruel.
It still makes no sense and is so beyond humane that the word humane is not even understood.
Perhaps you don’t understand Felines, Laurie some are feral cats and some are strays, the one that you were in contact with is a stray cat or alley cat. Perhaps this is why you don’t understand what I am saying? Or can’t comprehend what I am trying to say?
Some cats hate to be confined, they love to go as they please to hunt.

If you want some tips on these cats here is are links that will help you to help these cats mainly in winter time. Where we live we can have real harsh winter, but so far it been mild and warm this time. Ontario and Quebec, their winter can be brutal due to humidity and the Alberta Clippers.





https://www.petfinder.com/helping-pets/ ... eral-cats/[/url]









I have a neighbor that feed feral cats cooked chicken meat and has a hole cut out for them to find shelter under her porch. As well as my friend daughter has several cats that she feeds, some of them only come to the porch and some won't even come near the house but they all find shelter in her barn.
I fully understand Stairdaisy...Fully. I don't care if they are feral or home grown cats left behind. It is cruel and dangerous to take any animal, catch (or freely given) neuter, then release back into the "wild" They aren't recaptured when their shots(especially rabies) are due, or for that matter a yearly check up. They are left out in the weather, facing hunger, disease, and a shortened life. Even Peta considers this cruel. I know people that feed the cats, but very few do. What I don't understand is the thought process of its better to let them live this kind of life, then euthanasia. This is not kind, this is not loving, this is not responsible. It panders to the illusion of people thinking this is a happy trails moment for the animal in question, when in fact it is not. To allow cruelty in order to feel better about oneself is wrong. I wish that all animals had a safe loving home, but in reality few do. You may post all the links you wish, tell all the heart warming stories of people feeding cats, but bottom line the majority are left to starve, become diseased, face dogs and other animals as well as cars. This is humane? This is loving? What I dont understand is we are required by law to make sure our animals have a rabies shot each year or when it is due, but those released are not. Where is the sanity in this? Those that think of this program of loving, and pat themselves on the back for how wonderful they are, have never really looked closely at the reality of the program.I have watched the program at work for a year, and am sickened. I would rather see a animal put down then to suffer such cruelty. I do not understand how any loving, kind, thoughtful, caring, animal loving person would attach their name to this program.
Unfair because you are not a cat? Laurie, if you adopt that cat, I bet you it will not stay inside with you or anyone, most cats that are rescue, won't stay indoor. This is why it is hard to keep cats indoor, believe me I know, I have two that I have to fight with to keep them inside, so I put them the room where they sleep and close the door when I am going out, otherwise they go out and they are fast. The program knows of cats and what they will do so they know what is best for them, otherwise they wouldn't have the return program, they would have something like Trap-Neuter-adopt program. People do get fed up once the cat is trap and have to pay the price to have them return home again and it can be costly, so why bother? So this is why most people don't want to adopt cat/s as it is to much. If you live in an apartment it is easier to catch them because of the hallways and doors to the outside or stairs and you most likely catch it. But a home with only one door to the outside world can be challenging. If a family is moving and the cat get out, it could take days before the cat will come out of hiding, so they will leave the cat there and move on. There are many reason why cats are stuck outside.
I am sorry I had forgotten that to discuss an issue with you Stairdaisy is an example of futility. There is no connection, no understand, no common ground. You have always responded with massive links and no substance. Now you respond to a very serious concern and problem with a deluge that has no connection to my concerns. I fully understand "cats" and do not need a lesson on their living preferences. Again you have taken a heart felt concern and turned it into something so far from what it was intended to be. I blame myself, I should know that to engage you in any conversation is a study in off topic remarks, links, and loss of the true meaning of my remarks. But to bring this topic back in focus the concern I have is the program itself and what is humane, period. I will try to refrain myself in responding in any way shape or form to anything you post. After our last exchange of words you put me on the no see list for your blog, I do wish just for the common good you will do me the same service and refrain from responding to me.
Sorry to go off topic Laurie but as you mention Stardaisy's blog I would like to add a comment.
I consider it very bad manners for someone to block you from reading their blog and then write about you behind your back. Fortunately we have other members here who agree and are willing to send copies of said blog to those concerned, so we ARE aware of what is going on.
Maybe I am getting too old for these places but I don't see anything in stardaisy's blog concerning LadyL.  I did notice that stardaisy refers to a troll but that was on the forum. Why so many cat fights here?  If you girls are fighting over the available men I am available. :lol:
Or perhaps Gwyn you are a pot stirrer?
Or maybe you are not all you seem?
I wouldn't waste my time with people like you Gwyn.  You are a real troublemaker. Good bye, I am out of here.
Another troll bites the dust :lol: :lol: :lol:
Was reviewing some of the forum postings and spotted this.....

Sorry that you got upset over what I said and only trying to help but I guess you took it the wrong way Laurie. AND I get hassle by not providing links, so that is why I provided links to back up what I am saying.

Gwynn, if others relay my blog messages to you and it got twisted around, I will find out and perhaps they too will be ban from my blog. Just say....