I stumbled across this thread today here in the forums and coincidentally, I have been writing about this very subject over the last few years. A diary, I suppose, or a journal where I'd jot down my personal thoughts when the mood struck. For those that may have experienced what we want to call true love, and I believe it's an individual experience, maybe you can relate in some fashion or share your own personal thoughts if so desired.

You see, true love is very different. Different than any other emotion one can experience. Far too often, and unfortunately for one's entire lifetime, it may remain elusive. For one not to have experienced true love in this life is nothing short of a tragedy. It seems certain as human beings that giving and receiving love is the very essence of our existence. It lays the foundation for everything we do in life and it becomes crystal clear that this will be something that you will cherish for eternity.

I have come to realize that this type of love lives with you forever. The hole left in your heart eventually becomes the perfect place to store all of the beautiful memories that you shared. The hole fills, so to speak, with every special second from your lives, leaving no room for pain or sorrow or bitterness or anger. And most importantly, as time washes away the sudden changes of loss and your new life slowly melts into normal, there simply is no room for regret.

All this being said, the writing in my own personal journal looks and feels very different to what it did five years ago. I consider myself lucky for the experience and am in a wonderful place in my life right now.

A small snippet from my journal dated approximately 2 years ago:

..i try to grasp the memory of the way she made me feel but I can't. Not completely. At times, I will catch her scent in a warm summer wind or feel her warmth, suddenly and very brief, on a cold winter day. I'll catch her gaze in a stranger or hear her whisper over my shoulder - just for a split second - and suddenly she is gone..
True love,, ahhhhhhh.. I have experienced it only one time in my life. My 3rd hubby, ten years,,,very challenging, never cheated like the first two. We had little money,, he was an alcoholic and drug abuser but had a heart of gold and was sooooo there for the needs of many people. He passed at 48 yrs of age 10 years ago. I still look at the sky (I have said this before) every morning and see the blue and say to him,, I love you baby, I miss you. I am self sufficient now and have only dated one man since.......... is it odd that true love hasn't a monetary value ?? I would rather be poor and loved than rich and empty,, make sense ? I love your blogs Jazen,, I can tell they are from your heart.
By reading this, you can tell he has a gentle soul.
It's so amazing how we feel sometimes. And some people never get it. I honestly, and truly feel for their souls.

But we. We are lucky. Hurt comes with so much love. And I suppose we've been there. :)
Very true Jazen, "No pain no gain".
True love. What is this?
Because of this post, A member of this site (didn't post in here tho) became vendictive, and the reason why he has a vendetta against me.
I do not understand,why people do this?
Sosa666 wrote: I do not understand,why people do this?

SMH here, I don't either, people behave better on Facebook than they do here. I had to remove everyone from "Friends" list as well as "Favorite" just to sort out what is going on.
I am to old for this game, if they want to play these games, they can do on their time, NOT mine!

Therefore for those who were hurt because I remove them, I am sorry that I did that and hope you understand :)
moons and junes and ferris wheels
the dizzy dancing way it feels
when every fairy tale is real
ive looked at love this way
but now its just another show
you leave them laughing when you go
and if you care, dont let them know
dont give yourself away...
Thank you Jake, it explains it a lot
you not heard the song Daisy? Both Sides Now by Judy Collins :D
Tears and fears and feeling proud,
To say "I love you" right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
I've looked at life that way

But now old friends they're acting strange
They shake their heads, they say I've changed
Well something's lost, but something's gained
In living every day.

Yessss who doesn't love a bit of Joni Mitchell

About 20 years ago, back in the good ole MSN chatting days, a gentleman from UK who was the producer of "Coronation Street" Gordon Headly found his true love, a long distance relationship. He moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, this is why he cancelled the show at that time. They got married, then about a year later, they moved to Raymond, AB. A town just outside of Lethbridge, AB. Gordon and Jan Headly are happily married to this day.

LOL I always tease folks that we have an L.A. here too.

So yes, long distance relationship can work with True Love.

G, how in the world can a deaf person hear the song :lol:
Graham1 wrote: you not heard the song Daisy? Both Sides Now by Judy Collins :D

Joni Mitchell :roll: