This is very tragic news freak accident so thought you do like to read this latest news of two experienced parachutists , Brian Laithwaite , 65 and Emma Bramley, 31... so tragic... here s the link ... -jump.html

I'm struggling with a site where posts are viewed, sometimes thousands of times, but there are only a couple of replies.
I'm ashamed to say I must have missed this tragedy. Dreadful stuff and so horrific for the families and friends.
Yes it is a very tragic  .My husband died in a parachut accident almost 2 years ago. he was a student skydiver earning his license. in Harvey field Sonohomish, WA. 
He always said it was safe but his first parachut did not open and he got tangle  on the backup chute causing his dead. was 51. full of life. he was everyhing to me.
 I am very sorry for the familes of the 2 people that died ,  in that accident. My prayer are with you.
I am always saddened when a life is cut short. But these men chose a sport that has built in dangers, that are up front to see. They thought the risk was work following their passion. I do not understand making that type of choice, but it is their choice. I think the tragic thing is, it could have been avoided. But remember they died doing something that let their sprits fly, was a passion, and was above all their choice.