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A glaziers called a pane in the glass

A secondhand record shop called The Vinyl Frontier

An Asian resturant called The Thai Tanic

Teddy Bear shop called Barely Trading

A Chippy called Oh! my Cod.

A plumbers van The Lone Drainer - He come pronto

There used to be a solicitors office where I live called 'Argue and Phibbs'   I used to find that funny....
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House clearance Company - Junk & Disorderly

A pet shop - Paws for thought

A Pizza shop - Pizza the action

An shop for glasses - Spex Appeal

Furniture Shop - Suite Sensation

Tanning shop - Tan Tropez

A Cantonese restaurant - Wok This Way

A restaurant - Feast of Eden

Ladies underwear - Brief Moments

Curtain shop - It's Curtains for You

Florist - Austin Flowers

A sandwich shop - Baguetti Junction

A take-away van - Jason's Donner Van

Another Florist - Floral & Hardy

More flower shops - Back to the fuchsia - Bloemen Ecke -Thistle do nicely

Lino shop - Lino Ritchie

Salad Delicatessen - Blazing Salads

Bicycle shop - Cycle Logical

Printers - Reid and Wright

Hairdressers - Ryan Hair

Cement company - Jim’ll Mix It

House Cleaning service - Spruce Springclean

A Cafe - Only Food and Sauces


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