Hi all
I am looking to do a escorted tour of Vietnam.
The tour is 21 days. I have asked what sort of luggage I should bring and all they say is travel light.
Has anyone on this site done this or similar tour. Do I take shower gell, shampoo, day and night clothes etc. 
I haven't been yet but I'm going to Vietnam in August with exodus.co.uk. Even though you're not traveling with them there is a forum there that will have the answers you need. Also there is tripadvisor.co.uk which will likely be of help. For me I'm traveling light mostly because I'm going from north to south and it will be easier with less baggage. Apparently the hotels are good.
As with Almost All Asian Countries, Travel Light as you will be able to Buy just about Any type of clothing and/or toiletries Cheaply there. If you're on the go constantly, you will not want to keep packing and unpacking. It's also hot and humid there, even at night. You may catch a mild day and night, occasionally.
I've been to VietNam twice in the last 4 years. Each time in May. Very hot. Agree with packing light-- you don't need much. Yes to shampoo and toiletries and 2 good pairs of travel shoes (sandals + other). Bring small packs of tissues and handwipes. When you are away from the hotel, it is BYOTP (bring your own TP) and some bathrooms are quite primitive (you don't flush tp after use- it goes into a bucket next to toilet). Hotels are typically very nice. Your home bank may give you better exchange rates than will your hotel. Always use the bottled water provided for you in hotels to brush teeth. Take electrolyte packets that you can empty into bottled water to stay hydrated; I don't sweat much typically, but did there! Water is more pricey than alcohol (despite wanting ice, you'll be taking your chances with whether the water is adequately filtered). The country and it's people are incredible. A wonderful place to travel. Be sure to see the Golden Bridge in Da Nang (giant hands-- new 2018), ancient city of Hoi An (great learning, markets, custom- made clothing and arts), Hanoi (visit Ho Chi Minh museum, go see the water puppet show-- it is touristy but a historical part of the city; and the Hanoi Hilton ). Ho Chi Min City is a fun city -- at night, local people are in the parks dancing, listening to music, buying food from street vendors for their families, playing chess); go to the night markets! The War Remnants Museum is inciteful to say the least. And partake in all of the glorious seafood and fresh fruit. Cam Rahn has beautiful beaches and many wonderful self care options (massage, pedicures). Buy a cheap bag for all of your treasures to bring home-- especially the beautiful lanterns. They make wonderful gifts! And if you are American, take some $2 bills, as they really loved as special tokens in the service industry to those who made your stay extra special! Hope this is helpful! :wink: