OK...I admit that I'm really not much of a forum person...I actually deactivated my Facebook account at the first of the year, cuz it was more "responsibility" than I was willing to commit to!  :lol: HOWEVER, in the event that I may actually wish to participate in some thread in the forums SOMEDAY, can anyone explain to me HOW one posts an image here? I'm afraid I'm dumber than a bag o' hammers when it comes to sites where ya can't just hit a little "paperclip" & attach something! :oops:

I grant y'all permission to LAUGH at me all you wish...but when you're finished chucklin', could ya PLEASE help? If ya can't explain it...could you at least direct me to the instructions, cuz I can't seem to find 'em anywhere! Oh, and for all you fellas out there who may list "highly intelligent" as an important requirement when choosing a friend or partner...please feel free to go ahead & cross me off your list...cuz I admit that I was born too late & will NEVER get the hang of all this 21st century techno stuff! I even have a policy that I absolutely REFUSE to ever buy a "smart phone", cuz I can't come to terms with owning a phone that's smarter than I am! :cry:  

THANKS, in advance, for any assistance you can offer! I will truly appreciate it! :wink:

Sincerely, Da monkey :D  
OK, CM...it's not all that hard but can certainly be confusing at first. Since 50plus doesn't allow you to post pics direct from your computer to the forum (like, selecting one to upload from your C: drive), you have to upload it to here using a web address of the picture you want to use. A web address is also called URL....

Now, when you're making a post, you'll see this button up top named "img" which means "image" (go figure).

Next, press that button. In the body of your post, you'll see [img] [/image]. Right in between those is where you'll paste the URL (address) of that image...


But first, you need to upload the image to your gallery. Or, if it's from the web, you can look at the web address/URL in your browser and copy/paste that into the post. Here's what I mean....

If the image is on your profile now, right click on the image and most/all browsers have a "Copy Image Location" as an option. So, copy it to your clipboard. And if your image is elsewhere on the web, do the same thing.

If you've uploaded the picture to your gallery do the same thing - rightclick and choose to Copy Image Location of the picture. Here's what it should look like... see the web address/URL of the image in between the [img]and[/img] commands?


Now just place your cursor between the [img] and [/image] codes and paste the Location/Address of that image vetween those commands.... in text (code) it should appear as above, although with a different web address in the middle. Then preview your post and you should see your picture!

Hope that helps!
OK...THANKS, DF!  :)  I won't even ask how much you laughed at my stupidity...I shall just give it a try another time, when I feel like messin' with it...I THINK I understand everything you wrote...but we shall see.   :wink:  Truthfully, under most circumstances, I couldn't care less whether I know how to do it or not...but I was just kinda wantin' to share a photo of my "fur baby" on the "cat house" thread that Jessy started...so that's why I asked. I actually may not "fit in" very well on this site...because I tend to avoid most forums & blogs like the plague...I think it's cuz I know, on the other site...that's where a lot o' the "hostiity" between members seems to begin...and I simply prefer to avoid all that non-sense! However, I think showin' a photo of my cat should be fairly "inocuous" & I can't think of any reason it should cause any trouble...unless, of course, someone has a problem with the fact that I've had him neutered...I know some guys are kinda "sensitive" about such issues! :lol: THANKS AGAIN for your help! I truly appreciate it! :D 

Da monkey  
YAY!  :D

I tried it & it actually WORKED! It took me a few attempts...but by golly, it REALLY worked! Bless you, DF, for takin' pity on the "techno dummy"! You're my new hero! :lol:
ChuckleMonkey wrote: OK...THANKS, DF!  :)  I won't even ask how much you laughed at my stupidity.......

I only laugh at my own stupidity, LOL!

Fact is, I never make mistakes. I thought I had once, but I was mistaken :mrgreen:

Oh, and thanks for the thanks :D
Thanks DF, I needed that tutorial too! Somehow I had forgotten how-to's. I had easily performed it before on my other computer not on this new laptop. Thanks, keep up the good lessons, we luv 'em.
Thank you DF for all the wonderful help you have given. You make it simple, which is the best form of teaching. It shows a love of the subject matter, and a love of teaching. Again thank you.