billcc wrote: is the A4109 a plane??????
ps to G google does come in handy when brian is not around and you are right it is not 100% as brian is but usually very close

Brian admitted he was wrong once! He couldn't spell desiccate and thought it had 2 x s and 1 x c! He said it was the only time he was ever wrong! :lol:
Graham1 wrote:
billcc wrote: Thanks G!!!! i hope you dont mind if i check this info with brian not that i doubt you but brian is what can i say brian
ps G is that one of your vacations while i was here working like a dog holding 50 plus together?

I see what you did there! Most dogs don't work very hard! :lol:

brian has swam in the worl'd widest rapids at sault ste marie ontario
Graham1 wrote:
billcc wrote:

They might be the widest but not the biggest. The Rhein Falls are 23 metres high compared with 2 metres for the Venta Rapid!

the widest is in st marys river between the american and canadian sides at saulte ste marie