stardaisy wrote: It most younger people who are willing to move up there as they haven't establish root, or someone who don't mind moving are willing to go where jobs are plentiful.

I agree with you on this separation bit, unless Canada is willing to build a fly over between Ontario and N.B. or N.S. prior to the separation, but I doubt that, but the Quebecers will be losing out on the benefits that Canada offer now. Most of the Western province are willing to allow Quebec to separate as we have listen to this for years. But if traveling, I don't think it would be a problem as they will either charge us for going through Que or USA. Boarder crossing will become a problem as well for those who want to escape Que. There are lots to consider.

I doubt Quebec will ever separate. The last time they wanted to keep all the benefits they have being part of Canada, like our money. They'd have to create their own currency. And then there are all the government jobs that would be lost. Never happen (just my opinion). They haven't thought it through. They want to have their cake and eat it, too.
I didn't mean to stir this up just to say that the world is interconnected. What happens half a world away still affects us. Sill it is interesting to see how other people feel. There is no such thing as saying "as long as it doesn't happen in my back yard" anymore.
i have supported SNP all my life.
the biggest let down from them was about us sticking together & not paying the poll tax many ,many moons ago.....(which i did).
a few months later... i recieved a letter from SNP saying to stump up shut up & to PAY UP
i will never forgive them for that..
i voted brexit just to stuff up the SNP & im Scottish.
PS....i will now be voting the Monster Raving Loony Party as they want to introduce a .99p coin.....genuis... 8)