I scraped the ice off my car this morning and did my once a week outing to my local supermarket, a 5-6 minute drive on a Sunday. Put my shopping in the boot, turned on the ignition and my old car was unable to summon up the strength to start, so after waiting for several minutes and trying again it was clear the battery was dead. It's about 5yrs old so probably needs renewing :( Rang my daughter and son-in-law who came out with jump leads and got me started, then drove up and down the dual carriageway for 45 minutes to charge the battery up :roll:
The motto of the story in this Covid-19 era is, if you have an ageing car battery and rarely go out in the car at the moment, might be a good idea to take it for a good run once in a while or better still buy a new battery :)
Hi Linden,

I know just how you felt!

Had the exact same problem couple of weeks ago. First time, someone pushed me to jumpstart the car, but when it happened again a couple of weeks later, I replaced the battery. As you say, an outing once week, no less than about 8 miles, to keep these covid-quiet cars going.

We had quite a good snowfall today. I was going to take the car out but decided the roads just might be slippy - it can wait until tomorrow ... or the next day!