What does "Abby" Mean?
Abby is a Hebrew name,  meaning Farther rejoiced  or Fathers joy.   but Abby   name meaning   'sheknows' 
Tks and so how did the name of " Westminster Abby" comes from?

Because when I look up Abby, all I can find is a girl name Abby as in Abigail.
It's all in the spelling ..
Westminister Abbey
an abbey .....the building or buildings occupied by a community of monks or nuns. synonyms: monastery, convent, priory, cloister, friary, nunnery, religious house, religious community; More a church that was formerly an abbey.

  A lot of Abbeys were destroyed or taken over during the reformation (when Henry VIII took over the catholic church and replaced it with the church of England) in the fifteen hundreds,us genealogists have trouble when we get to this era and most documents were destroyed along side the buildings.
Ah... tks Jaffa... now one more question... how does it fit for "Downton Abby"?
maybe the building was originally an Abbey before a private residence
A good question Jaffa, was thinking about it for about a week wondering what the meaning of Abbey.
And here I thought it was just a road The Beatles walked across :lol:
LOL  Star here is me being clever and you meant Abbey,  see I am clever,  psst no am not I googled my answer  lol  
:oops: all in the spelling and look how the spelling of a word can confuse someone.... I didn't pay attention to that "E" as I just spell it the way it sound as I was taught... see how hard English language is!
DaddyFish wrote: And here I thought it was just a road The Beatles walked across :lol:

An Abbey Road?
I abbey road is the Beatles album,I think, Star , you would thinkI knew more about them seeing they came from Liverpool    :lol:
OHHH :oops: See how much I know about beatle? See you are not alone on this Morton.
:lol: fish means that the Beatles walked across abbey road in London I think there is a picture of them crossing the road that's all  I know. never liked the Beatles  :lol:
You know more than I do, so that what fishy is talking about... The only thing I know about the beatles are their names, and that John Lennon was shot. Ringo Starr still sing from time to time. That is all that I know so far.