Cliques:   Sometimes a group of friends is actually a clique. People in these groups make it clear to outsiders that not just anyone can join and be part of their group. Another determining factor is that cliques often focus on maintaining their popularity or status. They also try to make those on the outside feel like they are less important or worthy than those inside the clique.  

Sometimes people in cliques will use their perceived power as a way to hurt or bully others. They often exclude, ostracize and leave out others on purpose. Cliques also are mean. And this meanness isn’t always limited to those on the outside. People in cliques sometimes even hurt their own members by trying to fix them in some way. This can include giving makeovers, dictating clothing choices, telling them how to act and limiting outside friendships. Individuality is not rewarded or encouraged within a clique.

Additionally, people in cliques often believe that if they make fun of others, spread gossip or use other types of relational aggression, that they will be popular. So, they bully to get attention, to get what they want, to punish people they are jealous of and to become popular. 

Cliques often exclude well-liked people who pose a threat to the clique leadership. In other words, if the leaders in the clique see someone as a threat, that person will likely be excluded and maybe even ostracized. The clique does this in an attempt to take away the person’s perceived power or threat. They may even befriend the person’s closest friends as a way to isolate the person.

Stand up for what you believe as an individual.  Don't be part of the bullying school yard crowd in little groups trying to intimidate to get rid of someone.  Bullying and cliques in young children is a growing problem in the world today.  They learn it from their parents, grandparents and friends.  Be a good example and teach your children that being in gangs or cliques leads to much destruction.
This seems a rather negative view as the Oxford English Dictionary definition of a clique is "A small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them" so it's not necessarily a bad thing.
I assume you are implying that there is a clique of members here in the club and if this is the case then It is probably just a group of like-minded people who do not offend others.
If anyone or any groups of people are offensive or insulting to anyone else then they should be reported to the club.
There are cliques and bullies all over the internet and in the world today.

Please do not "assume" that I am implying anything I say, if you do not understand it, ask me.

I know you are offended because a friend of yours posted a blog about me, but always remember, that the only two people who know the WHOLE story are the two involved.  It takes two to tango.   When I entered chat with a friend the other day whose comment was "Jessy we were just talking about chat and here I am".  
You "ASSUMED" that I was telling her some gossip and you said "Don't believe any gossip".  That couldn't be further from the truth.  We were having a nice chat about whether we preferred forums or chat and she did all the talking about it, I just replied to it.  She is new here and hasn't said one single thing about anyone to me.  I will send you copies of her letters to me, so you will realize you are in the wrong assuming we were gossiping or telling tales.

With all due respect Graham, you being a moderator here, I believe you should not be taking sides like you did in your friend's blog..... and you did just that in a blog of someone who was purposely running me down and making it quite clear who she was talking about.  What about that?  Is she in the right saying all those ridiculous thing, and not once taking any responsibility for what she did and said.  She threatened me and I can prove it.

Now I don't care who your friends are, in your position, you should be putting "principles before personalities".  Women and men, especially seniors have cat fights on ALL forums and sites like this on the internet.  Some leave because of them.  I stay whether they like me here or not.

This clique thread is negative and positive, I expect to receive some views on this growing problem in the cyberworld.  If you think there are no cliques in cyber, that is your perogative, I think there are. You are going by ONE dictionary definition.  

You  said : "if this is the case then It is probably just a group of like-minded people who do not offend others.".  Unless you are reading the private messages and emails, there is no way you can know if they are offending others or not.  I reported once to an offense, and because you like the person, nothing was done about it.  I don't report anymore.  I have FEELINGS, I might be getting offended by comments like "Mother Superior", or "The Saint" or "The Grouch" would feel that is just fine to say that to me, because you like the person saying it, without caring about my feelings at all.

The "little problem" that has happened here, is only because I insulted ONE person (a member of the clique).  I didn't even mean to insult her and I APOLOGIZED.  It was blown right out of proportion,  and the clique members jumped me and threatened me.  I fought back.  End of story.  Now they are all gossiping and pitting others.  If you don't believe that, I will send you a letter where a member told me they pitted that person against me, long before this mishap. 

I remember a letter you send to me.  It was really nice and I thought you meant it.  I remember another one where you commended me for sticking up for myself..............but now, you have decided to "take sides" because you like those who dislike me.  I am really sorry to realize that you could be swayed so easily. 
I have no idea who you are referring to Jessy so I would be grateful If you would let me know privately. I certainly do not take "sides" as you suggest and always try to be impartial as all members are equally important. Many of the comments I make in the forum are intended to diffuse any disagreements and as I have said, Members must show respect for the opinions of others.
I just send you a PM Graham.
The blog has now been changed and the name calling and other comments that were not correct have been taken out.

I thank the blogger for that.  

I have a lot of respect for a person who is not afraid to take a little responsibility for what they did wrong. It is very seldom that one person is always right and the rest of the world did them wrong.  We all make mistakes, saying and doing things, that we would never do if we were face to face.  Body language says it all and in the written word, we read things the way we want, and it is not always correct.

If I had the chance I would apologize for every single person I have ever hurt on the internet from the time I received my first computer.  This was all new to me and I made lots of mistakes  I can't take it all back.  I can only say I am sorry and hope I can do better in the future.....but some people don't want to see that.  They enjoy being angry.  They like the feeling they get when they draw their claws.  It gives them a satisfaction........and what would the rest of the clique think if they were to be so weak!  Yikes, they might get booted out, God forbid....then they think there would be no place left to go.  They won't be accepted.  That is worse than prison to them......

Some of them are running here from other places where they feel they have been stepped on.  Why don't you stop running, face your fears and problems, and open up with arms of forgiveness, because there is no perfect people out there.

It feels so good inside my heart to love everyone.  I really do find wonderful things inside people when I look at their heart.  No matter how many times we fight, I still love them.  I don't have a clique of friends to love, I have all of 50Plus Club.  This is my cyber home and I love it here.  

I would do just about anything for anybody, who needed me.  If you knew me in real life, you would love me, everybody does.  I have people and animals fighting for my time....and I love all of them with my whole heart. 

There are people I would like to talk to and explain a few things and apologize for my part in their hurt, but they have made it impossible by banning me.  Banning me means they don't wand to hear from me, so I just prayed for them instead.
Choose love, not hate.  
Choose friends, not enemies
Choose fun, not fighting
"All you need is Love."

-John Lennon