I was innocently talking to someone on Facebook for almost a month last August before I researched online and learned he was a catfish! The No. 1 sign is refusal to a video chat - which may not be applicable to all, but just exercise caution!

https://www.cybersmile.org/what-we-do/a ... catfishing
This happened to my friend, her online guy refused to send her a picture with the day's date on a newspaper or prove his identity in any way. He would gaslight her and get angry make her feel as if her need for safety was attacking him etc.. Needless to say this person soon was asking for money and had all kinds of emergencies happen that he could not chat or respond to her.
I am sorry this happened to you
Hi. Thank you. I was just talking to him for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, I learned he wasnt what he said he was by employing reverse image search based on my online research. No money was involved. Only time was wasted.