Is Communication an important part in relationships of any type? What is it and what is it made up of?   :)  Let's leave room for bigger smilies! 
Without communication/talking there would be no relationships, for that matter no civilization as we know it. Communication can take many forms, from facial expressions, use of hands, and yes even grunts. But something has to be imparted between people before understanding is reached. Yes communication is needed no matter how that communication is reached. And yes you can communicate with a smile. :)
I'm saying nothing :lol:
Dudley_Cotton wrote: Is Communication an important part in relationships of any type?  

Sorry, but if you even need to ask that, you're in serious trouble.   

Oh, yeah, :D

MSally you took the words right out of my mouth.  :roll:
Maybe the question could be reworded?
Mum's the word  :wink:

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I could save some of my THREE posts and  use this in. 

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Dudley_Cotton wrote: What is...Communication

In today's texting world, which is like back to pictograms, buffalo on your cave wall, carefully scribed with charcoal or show: THIS IS A BUFFALO I KILLED...communication is: staring at your hand and thumbing your keys while all about you are staring at their hands and thumbing their keys. It's been reduced to about that now. Hand world, hey. My palm is my world. Almost back to prehistoric times. R U THERE?

But communication could also be defined as: when one mouse goes 'eep eep eep' (generally far too high-pitched for any human ears to hear), then another mouse goes 'eep eep eep tweep?' (which means - approximately - oh? really?). Then the first mouse goes 'eep eep eep PEEP PEEP PEEP' (which means yes, there is CHEESE over there!). That gets them both really excited and salivating. Then they both scramble for it.

Communication like that doesn't often happen if they are enemies. Then it's silence, like...I'm not telling you about that delicious morsel.

Communication can lead to action, like...scramble, scramble, scramble, nibble nibble nibble, SNAP. Oh god, broken neck on the field! Which is also known as a FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE. I failed to tell you vermin that along with cheese and peanut butter (num num, irresistible to mice), there was also a metal bar and strong steel spring. Sorry. Usually you can get Pixie or Dixie, but not both...unless they are friends, eating side by side. That's known as a double.

Human level of communication can - in rare instances - be a bit higher than that. But today, not often by a lot. :-)