Ma'am.....with all due respect, I am rather lost in your circuitous response. Be that as it may, I have enjoyed my two days here, have met some interesting and fun folks, and just don't have a problem ignoring those that annoy. Life is too short isn't it?

Oh, my word! Chastise: Lecture, scold, reprimand, censure, rebuke, reprove. Again, so sorry you are this upset that I don't agree with you.........but, I just don't.
It your point of view and in due time you will learn...


So as far as I am concern, this topic is close for discussion.

Also I am sorry that you don't understand my English and you will learn about me with further reading in this site.
It is interesting to note that those that cry foul are usually guilty of the offense. If we post a subject, discuss a subject, follow all the norms and responses, does that make us innocent of such actions?
Peach Shiraz you have been polite. Your words have been well thought out and presented in a manner that was intelligent and non threatening. . But you failed in one respect. You didn't agree. Because of this you will not make the A-Team. Don't worry there are many of us, whose voices are heard that have not made the A-Team either, and we are happy. We follow the belief that when comments are made, we speak, when actions are done, we comment, and to our own selves be true. Bottom line, I have learned that no matter what is said, those that see truth will, and those that don't will never understand the concept
Rock On
Welcome to the site peach Shiraz.  I for one and a few more members have been put through hell, by members that no longer are on this site they where removed because of the way they acted and treated  fellow members. ignoring them did not work they moved onto bully someone else. the only way to deal with the situation, was to make a stand against them, and report it to Graham. clicking of the site made no difference,it was worse when you logged back onto see what a person had called you,and accused you of.the whole site had already read what was being said about you. not a nice feeling I can a sure you. I agree that not everyone is going to agree with each other, like you said life is to short  so we all should respect each others point of view and be civil.  Star  made this thread not long after what had happened on the site, to help members understand what cyber bulling was to offer help and advice. but if there is a problem with any kind of bulling on this site its best to take it up with Graham for he will deal with it. I hope you enjoy being on the site, there are a lot of really nice people on the site, so just enjoy.  :) x
Peach Shiraz welcome to the site. Morton is correct when she said there has been alot of bullying that had taken place in the past. Daisy, Morton and other members really took a beating from bullies. When one is new to the site and only this one because I do not know how people behave on other sites you have to understand each situation and perhaps there was a little misjudging going on. You cannot just say click to bullies especially when your in the forums, all you can do is report it to Graham. But they always find a way to get back in and continue their bullying. 

Blocking can only be partly used but not in the forums....people can be hurtful and words do hurt! Life is short no doubt about it but in the meantime bullying still carries on.

I hope you can cut some slack for Daisy. She is a very good person and I can tell by all her postings. Mort too is a kind person and her postings ring true of all she says. :)
Rod___ wrote:
stardaisy wrote: While we are on the net be friendly....

Like by blocking me from viewing your profile. Yet I have no idea why I can't view it. Not an inkling!

But...let me guess. (With women, that's often all a man can do.)

Maybe it was for - god forbid - disagreeing with you? Some women...someone disagreeing with them...that's bound to drive them berzerk. That's guaranteed to get their cage really rattling. A man should always agree with a woman...even if she's talking nonsense. That's feminism 101. Yassa, boss.

Or maybe it was for defending myself against irrational attacks and smear by another woman, who is either borderline senile or just plain lulu/crazy, or a little of both? Or a lot of both? I recall such an episode. That woman was manifesting a not very cool semi-psychotic 'bats in belfry' thing...and I was voicing my objections...since (a) I'm not a fan of insanity, and (b) her belfry bats were biting me. Hey...there's alliteration. Hmmm...check this out. Her batty belfry bats were biting my bottom. No good.

There are many forms of cyberbullying, starting with the extremely you have done, in my case. You don't seem to be too good at following your own advice ("be friendly"), stardaisy. Blocking is an unfriendly act, especially when it's unexplained. In fact, it's just rude. Since I pride myself on being a gentleman - even with l-l-l-loons - what's the issue?

Maybe it was for - god forbid - disagreeing with you? Some women...someone disagreeing with them...that's bound to drive them berzerk. That's guaranteed to get their cage really rattling. A man should always agree with a woman...even if she's talking nonsense. That's feminism 101. Yassa, boss.

How about I turn the tables on you and say some not all men don't like to admit their wrong. With a posting such as yours, Daisy says you warrant a block for sure.That's a pompous statement.....ya master!  :evil: Gee, I am surprised that The LadyL doesn't get on your heels about this posting as she definitely likes a challenge. Don't think I am happy that you insult women.
I do like a challenge. But many times the blind don't see. Have you ever noticed that when one dictator is removed, usually another one takes its place? To complain of cyber bullying, personal attacks, and all of the other things that make the world go round, and do it yourself under the cloak of friendship and a helping hand has always been the blind spot of many. But no matter. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Anybody that knows me, knows I will stand up for your freedom of speech even if what you say hurts my ears. But to not have the same respect given to me bites my toes. LOL
I get real tired of hearing people talk about bullies as if they themselves are not a bully.  I can see many forms of bullying right here, night now, coming from the pens of those who talk about the vicious bullies of the past.
I have belonged to a lot of forums and I have met a lot of on-line bullies and I quite know how to bully right back; therefore, in my opinion they AND ME could both have been referred to as bullies.

People.... we have to look in that virtual mirror and ask ourselves
why the actions and postings of other people bother us so much.  I say,
it is because when we are pointing our finger at those people, there are three fingers pointing right back at us.  What we see in other people quite possibly is the very same character defects that we possess ourselves. 
I couldn't agree more with you WhiteOrchid....Some postings do bother me but such as life right. I like to stick up for my friends and Daisy and Mort I regard as my friends.

I suppose we can come across as bullies too and I definitely see me in the mirror everyday....I look at myself and say what can I do to change my image.

If we don't stick up for one another....who will? 
God will stick up for us :) You can add him in as well.
I  for  one  am not a bully, never have been, but I will stand up to anyone who is a bully. standing up to a bully does not make you a bully. people are  not all the same,  some are stronger minded than others. I have seen good people leave the site because of what they have gone through. I have stated many times I can not tolerate bullies, and will not stand by and watch this happen to any member. if I see a member that can stand up for themselves, then good for them. but I will back up members if they need it. friends or not , that's just the way I am, but I  always try do it in a respectful and civil manner. 
peachShiraz wrote: I would ask you why you are so riled at someone sharing a point of view. I did not "attack" your posting, nor allude to some personal territorial ownership of either this particular site nor the Internet in general.

As far as being "new"........I hardly think that has any bearing at all on what I shared. I respectfully posted an alternative view and am somewhat dismayed at your authoritative response.

I am sorry you are upset that I don't agree with you. Perhaps, in the future, we might simply disagree without any direct or implied chastisement???

And, for the record, I did read the terms and the way. As far as being logged on when you exit and return.........what does that have to do with anything?

Ha! Ha!...Such wise words on deaf ears...I feel for you Peach...Answering this stuff is equivalent to installing a brass knocker on an out-house door....Good luck girl.
The concept is very simple people. It is not about friends list, profiles, or private galleries. Its about freedom to express your opinions even though the person that started the blog/thread has a different view than yours. Simple. It should not result in a personal attack, nor should your words be treated with hostility. I believe you should be able post an alternative view without being subject to an autocrat response. Just because my opinion differs from yours, does not reduce the value of yours. And in matters for example of national news, the only thing that should be guarded is the truth. I find this has gone to the point of Alice In Wonderland. It amazes me still that even though I have stood up for fellow members for their right to use their own voice, in the end, even some of them revert back to what they accuse others of doing. Censorship. And that brings us back up the rabbit hole. If you cry foul, and then do the same thing, what does that say about your character? It is to me, dishonest. Again let me repeat the concept of why I begin the thread I did. Its about freedom of speech. Simple. You may keep your profiles, your galleries, your friends list, (I have no interest in these) but allow me to keep my voice. And allow others the freedom to disagree. It is one of God's greatest gifts.
To me LadyL, you love putting in the last word,,, ok so be it, just getting tired of all these bickering about this and that of the internet world.

Ok can't wait for your next comment LadyL and perhaps it might surprise me or may not surprise me.

Go fur it LadyL , get it all off your chest :D

Perhaps this link may be of help to you :D
Why on God's green earth, pray tell has your comment have anything to do with my comment on freedom of speech Stairdaisy? I am offended by you referring me to your post on 1 Corinthians 13. How dare you use God's word in such a manner, to advance your own importance. Do you ever read what you post, or do you just paste and cut. Do you ever follow what you post or just use it as a distraction? You do so much damage in the way you weld the Word of God, you have become the perfect caricature of the faithful. I have never attacked you personally, I have disagreed with some of your statements, but it was always the statement never the person. I have treated you with respect, and at times have been forceful in word. I am deeply disappointed.
Nothing additional needs to be said....