What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.

What does the law say about cyberbullying?

Some forms of online bullying are considered criminal acts. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is a crime to:

Communicate repeatedly with people if the communication causes them to fear for their own safety or the safety of others.

Write something that is designed to insult a person or likely to injure a person's reputation by exposing him/her to hatred, contempt or ridicule.

A cyberbully may also be violating the Canadian Human Rights Act if he or she spreads hate or discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or disability.

According to Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act, it is a crime to identify a child who was a victim or witness of an offence committed by another child. Someone who takes a picture of someone being attacked and posts the picture on the web may be charged.
Some Alberta communities have a bylaw against all forms of bullying, including cyberbullying.
A number of sections in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms also apply to bullying, including:

Section 2(b), that freedom of expression, thought and opinion is guaranteed to all Canadians (but not when this expression is considered violent).
Section 8, that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security.

If you feel that you are being bully, talk to your friends that you trust and discuss it. (according to what we are taught in Alberta).

This Law came into affect after Amanda Todd end her life. We are trying to help and prevent people from cyberbullies at any age.

Resource information from Canadian Government.

If you feel that there is/are threats against you, talk to your internet provider. If it is serious then talk to your local police as well on how to deal with such cyberbullies. This site is really good on dealing with cyber bullies.
Electronic devices such as laptop, ipad, mobile phone, tower computer, notebook, so on and so forth.
After Amanda Todd ended her life the premier of B.C. Christy Clark, she suggested a national discussion on criminalizing cyberbullying, which the Canadian Government did and so did Alberta. You can read further in this link.


Amanda Todd was from B.C.
I go to our Governement website often in search of what ever I need and here is a link what we can do about cyberbullies.



There are more in the sublink, what I mean by sublink? it a link that link to another page or website, if it is in blue that is a link that you can click on to read more.
Even though you tell us what cyberbullying is about it continues to be a problem. To sum it up, they are cowards that hide behind their computer and lash out. Why they do because they can and feel they have the power and the courage to do so. Have the person face you alone, hmmm they are not so powerful after all.

But a question remains with me. Why do Cyberbullies act out? There are always deep rooted issues that have not been resolved. They are unhappy, there way of crying out for help, looking for attention and not receiving it. Workshops should be put in place, the government has to do more for its' people.

  Definition of coward: " person who lacks courage, esp. one who is shamefully unable to control fear and so shrinks from danger or trouble." 

Everyone is always stronger and forceful in numbers....when its one on one not so powerful!  

Just a little food for thought on the subject Daisy.....anyone can jump on this question what and why? 
CyberBullies are just like Bullies, they have no respect or regards for anyone feelings but for their own. Bullies are in real life, more physical where as Cyberbullies are internet and people do have feelings behind that screen and this is why we need to respect it as our world are becoming a cyber world, not like it was 20 years ago.

We all have feelings but not always the same, we all have opinions but it is not always the same, so this is where we should respect others and their opinions.

While we are on the net be friendly and learn from one anothers and understand them, understand their cultures as we all are from a different background as we are not all from the same background or lifestyle, if not then stay out and move on.
"We all have feelings but not always the same, we all have opinions but it is not always the same, so this is where we should respect others and their opinions."

I had to recapture what you said Daisy. It is true we all have feelings and express them differently, we all have different opinions and we express them differently but what is the same is respect. Everyone has to respect one another for their differences.

Why should we all think the same....it would be a dull world if we did and the bottom line is be courteous, be kind, be tolerant and most of all please be civil!

How can people mock you for how you feel.....I am still scratching my head over this one! 
stardaisy wrote: While we are on the net be friendly....

Like by blocking me from viewing your profile. Yet I have no idea why I can't view it. Not an inkling!

But...let me guess. (With women, that's often all a man can do.)

Maybe it was for - god forbid - disagreeing with you? Some women...someone disagreeing with them...that's bound to drive them berzerk. That's guaranteed to get their cage really rattling. A man should always agree with a woman...even if she's talking nonsense. That's feminism 101. Yassa, boss.

Or maybe it was for defending myself against irrational attacks and smear by another woman, who is either borderline senile or just plain lulu/crazy, or a little of both? Or a lot of both? I recall such an episode. That woman was manifesting a not very cool semi-psychotic 'bats in belfry' thing...and I was voicing my objections...since (a) I'm not a fan of insanity, and (b) her belfry bats were biting me. Hey...there's alliteration. Hmmm...check this out. Her batty belfry bats were biting my bottom. No good.

There are many forms of cyberbullying, starting with the extremely petty...as you have done, in my case. You don't seem to be too good at following your own advice ("be friendly"), stardaisy. Blocking is an unfriendly act, especially when it's unexplained. In fact, it's just rude. Since I pride myself on being a gentleman - even with l-l-l-loons - what's the issue?
Rod, your comment just now warrant my reason to block you :lol:
Blocking you has nothing to do with me being a Cyberbullies, perhaps it to block out Cyberbullies?

I just don't get it when people make a big fuss over why they are blocked by viewing profile, I know a few in this site has block me but I don't make a big fuss over it.
Crying over spilt milk isn't going to change that either.
As much as I try, I just can't wrap my head around the "cyber bullying" labels, much less actual laws being passed. I am not, as if I were at work or school, required to converse with or even read what another person has to say. My pc is a machine, under my control, thus, I have the ability to delete, ignore, and prevent at the stroke of a key.

The term bullying has adopted such a broad-spectrum meaning when applied to the Internet that nearly anything can be labeled as such.

There are and always have been laws to protect against actual threats, defamations, and libel.

I am appalled at the lengths some folks will go to insult or demean others, however, as it relates to the Internet.........the remedy seems extraordinarily simple......"click off!"
And how could this cure from all the fun we have by allowing those bullies taking full control of our cyber world by us clicking off the computer, thus mean that they won and will continue to move onto their next prey. They will be there when we turn on our computer and come into this site and voila, they won and so the victory is theirs and because they won, they will continue to prey on the good and ruin this very good site.

Yes even in chat there are bullies, therefore is a good reason why I don't go into chat that much, because there are bullies there but not always.

The p.c is yours but the internet isn't yours, you even have to agree to terms and conditions to even get an email address, or download anything from sites, so no the internet isn't yours nor this site is yours but the computer and the service provider is yours and that is as far as it will go as for "It is mine" goes.

I just log off and here for about an hour and find what you said about cyberbullies, it amaze me how one can view things and object to the other viewers in this site. You were still log on when I log off and when I arrive again, you are still here.

I guess you are pretty new in here, so you will learn as time goes on.

Happy posting

BTW you even have to agree to the terms and condition when you start up your new O/S.
I would ask you why you are so riled at someone sharing a point of view. I did not "attack" your posting, nor allude to some personal territorial ownership of either this particular site nor the Internet in general.

As far as being "new"........I hardly think that has any bearing at all on what I shared. I respectfully posted an alternative view and am somewhat dismayed at your authoritative response.

I am sorry you are upset that I don't agree with you. Perhaps, in the future, we might simply disagree without any direct or implied chastisement???

And, for the record, I did read the terms and rules......by the way. As far as being logged on when you exit and return.........what does that have to do with anything?
I don't consider you as a cyberbully, so why would I be asking you?
Sure we can ask a cyberbully, but they will keep on bully as they don't know when to stop.

I do know of a few cyberbullies in this site, so I do know what I am talking about, I post this specific for those cyberbullies to take heed of their actions.

Also I am not taken you as an offense, I just simply point out my point of view as to why I post this in the first place.

Most cyberbullies don't read the terms and conditions of anything as they take pleasure in being a cyberbullies.

I am just merely pointing out how turning off the computer won't justify the cyberbullies.
And for the record for others beside me, to understand what "chastisement" mean

suffering, loss, or hardship imposed in response to a crime or offense.