seashells wrote: Friendship is a relationship which does not include a sexual partnering. Although some say they can be friends and have sex too. I find that doesn't work as one usually wants a 'relationship' more than the other.
In friendship, you care about the other person and want good things to happen for that friend. You enjoy each others company and are there for them when they need you. You are willing to lend a helping hand, whether it's emotional (you'd be a good listener), physical help, financial even.

To me, a love relationship includes a sexual nature, however, there are some love relationships which are platonic. And a love relationship usually has all the same attributes a friendship has.

I agree seashells in that relationships and good friendships are very similar. An ideal relationship should be an equal partnership(no controlling!) and your partner should be your best friend, soulmate and lover too! A good friendship can be the same except for the lover part although it's a different kind of love for a friend.
English is a second language for me that i only started to learn as a teenager,so i dont hesitate   using my Dictionary...I like Oxfords definition of a friend 
..."someone  with whom one enjoys a mutual affection and  regard ,exclusive of family or sexual bonds,a sympathizer,a helper. "...of course just to confuse things now we have friends with benefits.and open relationships etc no wonder there is so much confusion ...
One of my good friends is a woman that is a few years older than me. We had met when I had started my current job 9 years ago. Both of us at very similar points in our lives. She through her 3rd divorce and me my first and only , our experiences even included bankruptcy , When we are together people have often mistaken us for being married. I don't think that there isn't much that we wouldn't do for each other. Yes we have looked for partners but have never ' crossed ' the line and continue our friendship today . It seems like our friendship is an example of a type of platonic love relationship that seashells mentions now looking at it. We both like our current life style and I often think of her more as a very close older sister. Maybe that is why we have yet to find a partner neither of us wants to give up our friends and others that we meet would never understand our friendship  or its depth  and we both know it would  or could cause  problems. I tend to over analyze things and or have moments of possible inspirations while discussing things.. We don't visit each other like we use to , only because of our jobs. She is now a cca and works  weird shifts. I do have other woman friends but those friendships are / feel different. 
I believe that once friends have sex , it changes things  and never works out in the end 
Thank you ThePainter. Thanks for sharing this with us.
lasting friendship is a very rare item. our hearts are huge but yet alot seem to keep it closed to emotion. a true friend will open their heart and tell you anything that pops into their mind. sex and friendship do not mix as a rule,, but as always,, there are exceptions (rare)...i had a rare experience with my late husband. we were friends at first,, then became comfortable enough to totally share everything mentally and physically sans batting an eyelash. we had become one in body and ease with each other through the good and the bad..i was blessed to have met him.. so ya see,,, sex and friendship does work sometimes,,,but i know i will never find another "soulmate" like him,, so i guess i will just settle for sex ?? nooooooooooooooo.........i will follow my heart til i pass on...the heart does not lie if you coincide it with your mind,, they work together.......
Thank you Blackwidow. Right, we can't find another partner like the one we lost because our partner was unique... I know we want what we lost, but it is impossible... When we lost someone our love does not stop the day he or she goes away...
As i see it ...friendship and relationship are both  much like different layers of an onion.We start as casual friends ,then that grows if we want it to grow ,and yes it takes work and committment...until  we have a deeper and deeper level of friendship  that may reaches our very soul,our soul mate.All of these are part and parcel of something we call a relationship,as in fact one layer  relates very much to the next layer.....Sex may or may not be there are life long non sexual relationships that have stood the test of time all over the place...or put another way in a visual sense  a relationship is much like a layer cake (my fav being chocolate ) each  layer ,a distinct, seperate part of the whole that together we call a relationship... I like the onion mental picture so much better as one layer of an onion in fact fully encompasses the other ......A wonderful topic to discuss over a glass of wine on a cold winters night in front of a open fire :P ..Cheers and  a God Bless!
Thank you so much for your reply Stickpin. I like the example of the onion. :D Cheers!!!
A friend is one who is reliable, lends an ear, someone who can be your supporter but for a relationship it goes much deeper, like a connection, a deep attachment for each other. As friends it can evolve into a relationship and it becomes ongoing. It starts with friend but it does not have to stay in the same mode, it either grows or remains the same. You can have many friends on many levels but no particular attachment; however with a relationship it develops into something special. The relationship takes on new life, new form, with definite commitments as it becomes binding and interlocking with each other whereas a friendship one does not have the same kinds of expectations. In a relationship, its ongoing with two people sharing their devotion for each other. The structure does change and offers more challenges, commitments as the two are on the same page.

I can also give an analogy of friendship versus a relationship. Picture a huge gift box and inside this box is a smaller box, each box gets smaller and smaller until you have reached the most meaningful one of means that over time the friendship developed into the relationship giving it a whole new meaning of the word relationship. Inside the contents of this super tiny box is the precious gift of love. Relationships take time to develop but they do stem from the friendship provided there is potential for growth. So starting off as a friend first and having the right ingredients to flourish into something more signifcant known as a RELATIONSHIP.
Maybe Chokko your more confused than ever but this is how I define friendship and relationship.