I do not really know what women want, I think that women just want to be love, and be the only one. I really do not know well what I am seeking for yet, but when I will find the special one, I will know in my heart, I hope.... It is very difficult sometimes to tell what we really want, so it sometimes more easy to tell what we do not want... There are so many kind of women and men. Men and women are really different and probably do not want really the same things, but one thing is sure we all want to be love, I guess. Women probably just want to be love I think, that is what I always wanted... :roll:
Hi Chokko,
I think you said it very well.
Have you heard the song ( Gotta Be Somebody) by Nickelback.
Every time I hear it I get teary eyed. Should be the song for this site.
I am at that stage where I don't know what i want. Do i try for a relationship that will change everything in the life i have made for myself. Sometimes i get lonely and sign in to the site, never any one in chat room from my area, but i have made new friends, maybe it's enough for now.
Work is my life and i know it shouldn't be, some people are afraid of change- that's me.
Hi Corinne!  Thank you.  This song is beautiful.  Yes, many people are afraid of change, but also to love again.  That is me...
I too Love the poem Justin, and I believe a poem is just that a poem. I'm sure that Justin knows that no two people are alike let alone all women and all men. There aren't always two sides to every coin I have learned recently that some coins are those phony ones that have the same thing on both sides and are used to trick people. People don't always get what they give either, sometimes you can give and give and if you are with a selfish person who just takes, you will simply keep on giving and get nothing in return. Life isn't fair or Just a lot of the time but it can be wonderful most of the time. You have to step up and create the world you want, Love every joyful moment to build strength for the rough times. Don't see what you want to see but see with your eyes wide open and pick careful the person you chose to entrust your heart to.

On a journey back to me ......hope to meet you there along the way :-)
You are right, life is not always fair.  "Give and give and get nothing in return..."    I know it very well...  
good poem,  :D
Graham1 wrote: I think its a little sad when I hear what women want and what men want, as we are all individuals who have different needs.
Not all women are the same as not all men are the same so I object to this sexism.

I agree, but when one has been hurt by their previous partner,it is easy to lash out of the opposite sex, so therefore it take time for one to over come it and let their heart heal. Also lashing out in a healthy way is good as it help people to heal their heart so that they can live happy and be ready for a new partner. :D
Love the poem! I feel it can go for both men and women. Deep down we all have a need to be heard, really heard.....to be heard is to be loved.
well done~~~ :D :D :D I like the writing...

but to be realistic, The lady the poem described is a goddess to me even though I am a woman. :)

If we request men to listen to us that deeply and love us unconditionally, have we asked ourselves if we can do the same as the poem said to men? :D :D Honestly speaking, I can't. :oops: :oops: :oops:
Friendly reminding: maybe giving can make you happier than requiring :D :D
this is the depiction to myself as a woman's opinion :)

A lighthouse keeper

I am a lighthouse keeper
sitting on a reef rock
surrounded by water
with wide opened eyes
observed the outside as a watcher

clouds fly over
Birds pass by
wind blows my hair
ship whistles fill up my ear
lights come through my eyes
reflecting out with my soul as a follower
Justinpeelthefirst wrote: I was on a dating web site a couple of years ago and read a profile of a woman who was leaving the site because some guy took advantage of her. It made me wonder how many guys actually understand what women are looking for in a partner.

So i wrote a poem...


Who are you?

Who am I?

Can you see who I am?

 Can you put aside your infatuation,
forget your a man?

I'm a person,
just a person,
do you understand?

Not a goddess,
nor perfect,
nor a pedestal I stand.

If you want to,
get to know me,
then watch how I think.
Listen closely,
there is more to me,
than laces and pink.

I have thoughts,
and opinions,
and dreams,
dreams galore.
They're important,
you must listen,
for there is still so much more.

Can you sit,
and be quiet,
all the while that I talk?
Really hear me,
like a friend does,
when we talk a long walk?

Not be bored,
when I chatter,
as I may sometimes do.
Can you hear me?
Really hear me?
And not be “all about you.?”

Can I be like your buddy,
who you slap on the back?
Or hug me when I'm lonely,
and not be threatened by that?

Can you be open and honest,
like you've never been before?
Can you let me in on your faults,
and not close the doors.?
Can you be such a person?
No, not just at the first,
but for the rest of our lives,
through the good and the worst?

Can you really sustain it?

Can you love me,
“with all that you can?”

If you REALLY can do this,

then you are REALLY a man.

OMG - Incredible.  I love this - you hit the nail on the head.  Men - take heed.  This says it exactly the way it is.  I teared up reading this.  
On the face of it this poem is nicely put together it has meter. It rhymes. 

However this poem sucks.  
This poem has really annoyed me. 
This poem highlights the desire of woman to dominate.
Control there enviroment.
At 50 years of age give it a rest will you. Stop bitching about your supposed insecurities.
Youve done the nest building. Did  the loving carer.
Just come out into the real world and share yourself evenly like the rest of us are trying to do.

34 years I gave to my partner. But she was as onesided in her opinions just like you.

Trust truth and honesty sprinkled with a little honest 50/50 sharing would go a long way. No strings attached unlike the contents of this poem.
The poem...'I'll be your friend as long as you do as I tell you'.

 If you put the same  effort into your relationships as you did this poem know wonder you write such codswallop.

I really liked the poem and I also know that other people have a different opinion and that's okay too.

I know that as a man I have learned more about being a man from women then I ever learned from other men.

You see I had to learn how to Listen and I had to Listen in order to learn. That at times can be a difficult task for people as there is so much going on in peoples lives. The magic of Listening is that we get to hear the soul of the other person and that is the greatest privilege ever afforded me by the people who talk to me in such a way that they can bare their soul.

Thank you for posting this as we needed to be constantly reminded of how we are and what we need to do.