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Rules posted on another "Over 50's" forum...

1: No Spittin'

2: No Fightin'

3: No Cussin'

4: No Hatin'

5: No Bible-Thumpin'

If you can't follow these simple rules you will likely be escorted out with little or no warning. So play nice

Well I've had a bad day and I WANT TO CUSS! :twisted:
OK. Chillin' now.

I'm so surprised they didn't have a number 6: No farting in anyone's general direction!




I'm with you Gwyn I like to makes me feel better...I don't cuss at anyone and usually
when whom ever I am with can handle it, otherwise I keep it to is
mine after all.
Psychologists have studied the issue of cussing, and they concluded that people who cuss tend to be less violent. They're inclined to just mouth away their angst or fury. Blankety-blank-blank ________ kinda thing. (It gets more colorful than that, but you know what I mean. Fill in the blank with your own favorite curse word.)

Whereas other people - not nearly as evolved or enlightened - don't cuss, but instead toss chairs, throw punches, shoot up the neighborhood, drive other vehicles off the road, unbolt bridges to cause collapse, down airliners with Stinger name it, they do it.

So could argue, based on science - the science of mind - that people who cuss - and we all know some - or we are some - are superior.

We who have - perhaps - wickedly sharp tongues do not do foul deeds. For who could claim - with a straight face - that even popping out a whole long sequence of highly energized curse terms, some capable of literally causing the air around them to crackle a bit (and when it's really hard language it can be like that) - hurts anyone? Nonsense. can't curse a person literally to death. But it's really kind of a shame you can't, 'cause some people deserve an actual To Death cussing out.

Based on the very reasonable premise...that those who cuss are morally superior...maybe it's a fact that people who cuss a LOT are more superior. And maybe...cuss enough...hey. You're just like Jesus. Verily...divine, or darn close to it. Halo time.

If I'm up your karma means start blistering ears.
     Very cool post, Rod.  I suspected I was superior but until today, I had no idea why.  I knew from a young age that it wasn't likely anything to do with intellect.  So all of you who ever doubted I was superior can go @&$^#* your@&^#%*(* !
Kanuth, you're frickin cracking me up!

I have to admit when I'm POd, there's a choice word that just flies out, repeatedly.
Good thing I don't often get that upset...once so far this year. 

It felt good. 
Well put everyone. I too also knew I was superior to most and couldn't work out why. I don't swear in public but sometimes it does feel good lol. Anybody heard Billy Connolly's opinion of the 'f' word? So funny. :lol: