I logged in this morning to find a message in my Mailbox from a potential toy boy :D


By lunchtime Emma had deleted him :(
There goes my last chance.
Is this right and proper, how could she do this to me? :lol: :lol:
Life just isn't fair. I was imagining hours of playing Leggo and building forts, or perhaps that wasn't what he had in mind?
Oops  was he yours Gwyn,  :roll:  I will send him back   :lol:  or we can swap, you got any chocolate left  :D
You have a very vivid imagination Apple, I never thought of that. See what I missed :lol:

Nah Mort, I'd rather have the chocolate :lol:
We  can share, the chocolate I mean  :D
Not sure about that, sharing a man would probably be better than sharing the chocolate :lol:
Probably a rumor, but I heard he shacked up with Emma for protection :lol:
You kill me DF, or should that be the other way around? :lol: :lol: :lol: