You have always had my heart BW, always.
tazwriter wrote: My dream vacation would/might be one with Mrs sippi.

Do you mean on the Mississippi? :lol:
Guys :lol:
Amsterdam is the city of my dreams. He is of course crazy and with an impossible rhythm. Something happens all the time, the events of the party parades. You can get a lot of new experience.
Name of the favourite place: Vancouver, Canada
Why I chose it? What made it so special?:
Simply love this city! Hard to choose but here are two of great parts of the city I enjoyed:
Vancouver’s oldest part, grew from a single tavern founded in 1867. Today, the district retains its historic charm and independent spirit. Victorian architecture houses a thriving fashion scene, one-of-a-kind galleries and some of the best culinary fare there. A visit to Gastown should include a stroll along Water Street, where you’ll find a picture-perfect collection of old buildings, cobblestones, the Steam Clock, and vintage lampposts
Coal Harbour
Despite the fact that Coal Harbour is right downtown, it’s a surprisingly calm area, right on the water’s edge. The area starts at Canada Place and stretches west to Stanley Park.



Name of the „dream” place: Cornwall area, UK
Why I think it’s worth to see?:
Cornwall is a study in contrasts. It is charming and quaint, yet rugged and isolated. Located in the westernmost point of the UK, Cornwall is a peninsula that offers rocky cliffs overlooking the sea and golden sand beaches that are loved by tourists on the south.

Looe Town and Harbour

St. Austell
MrsIppi wrote: Guys :lol:

Dubuque is where I grew up, and can remember going down to the river to see the Delta Queen when it came to town.
Sanibel/Captiva Island Florida comes to mind.
Ohh wait. I live there.
Who lives in "Paradise" don't need to visit dream places. 8)

Wait .... you have to :wink:
Paradise is home, and home is where the heart is. Must have read that somewhere.
Name of the favourite place: Udine, Italy
Why I chose it? What made it so special?:
Although the name of Udine is first mentioned only in 938 AD, it is believed that the city had been inhabited since Neolithic ages. Pretty old, uhh :D.
The city is a peaceful place, and one with much history which is very well reflected in several aspects of the city’s culture. One of the most beautiful squares in the city is the Piazza Della Libertà. Several important buildings and monuments are located here, including the Town Hall, the clock tower and various other important monuments.


Name of the „dream” place: Sevilla, Spain
Why I think it’s worth to see?:
Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Sevilla has a rich Moorish heritage, and used to be a prosperous port. The streets and squares treasure many constructions that have the World Heritage designation, and some are full of traditional culture, like Triana and La Macarena. Interesting that two Roman emperors were born there: Trajan and Adrian. The main monuments in town - the cathedral, the Reales Alcázares Palace and the General Archive of the Indies - have the UNESCO World Heritage designation. The Gothic cathedral stands in the white-washed Santa Cruz neighbourhood, built on the Almohad Great Mosque of Seville. Some of the Moorish elements still remain - the old minaret, which is the famous Giralda, and the Orange Tree Courtyard. Sevilla is a unique city not only for its culture and climate, but also for its flavours, as it is the world capital of the tapas. Go for it! :D


Quebec City, Canada. Many, many beautiful places to see. Culture, food and history in one of North America's oldest cities.
Quebec City.jpg
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