I have not hear a question like this or these answers since "68" :shock: What amazes me is the fact that the answers haven't changed. I would have expected different answers since so much time has passed.I have been waiting for Moonflower, with daisies to sell, to knock on my door :lol: It is true the Greatest Generation was indeed the greatest, from there it went downhill. I will leave you with a few words;
Peace Brother
Always say going forward never use the word straight
He ain"t heavy, he's my brother
and the best one yet.......
Laurie 8)
Hello heyjk60,

I just stumbled on your post.
In 1947 there was a saucer crash in Roswell, the aliens were send here to investigate the first nuclear tests on earth. During his interview as published by Matilda prior too her passing, we are all spirits. Our memories erased to make sure we will not know who we are, or where we come from nor capabilities.
The treatment repeated in between life-times to make sure it stays that way. (Best know as Light) We are prisoners exiled to earth, or you could call hell.

Sorry for the answer but still hope to be able to contribution to the subject.
i read that too...i figure dont go to the light when leaving the physical body...go to the void!