In recent years, I took a philosophy class just for fun. As a final assignment, I had to write a paper answering the question Who Am I. I found it to be quite interesting and a little mind boggling. I would be curious to see how others would answer this question, given that occupations and roles in life do not count as answers since that is not really who you are , but more of what you do.
WHO AM I ??? Very complex question . Don't get me wrong.... I am not struggling with my identity unlike Ellen DeGeneres who finally came out and announced it on her TV show ! Bravo !

I am who I am..... a person with Body and Soul. I am intimately aware of my own feelings and desires, my thoughts my fears and hopes. I am also a unique human being , so I always refrain myself from comparing people to someone else. It is patronizing for you to tell me , " Yea I know how you feel, " because the Truth is ... you don't know how I feel.
I am a part of this Universe..... I see myself as a Visitor on this Planet . I am still here , aware of my own existence. Tomorrow, I may not be around..... so.. just enjoy your Life !
If you see yourself as a visitor on this planet, is there a place that you can call home? Or are you just a perpetual visitor?
In Spiritual sense..... Heaven is being referred to as a "Home." When I say , " visitor on this planet," I meant someday I'll return to the ground and my flesh will turn into dust , " for dust thou art and unto Dust shalt thou return."
hmmm,, return to the ground? we are humans (hopefully) and born because of the efforts of two humans (hopefully)....we are here on earth surviving the best we can, making ourselves happy first (not at the expense of others), cuz if we are not happy, we cannot make others happy and at ease.i am not religious at all,, i live for today and plan for the ease of my family when i pass. who really knows where we come from and what other worlds are out there. live for today,, that's my motto....and love and cherish your human (perhaps,, do you really know if they are?) and animal friends (had to add that)
aaah,what a great question!..i am the Great Spirit,in singularity and entirety...i am that I am..whatever I choose to be!..i am not my physical body..although it is a vessel,and great for experiencing this realm of relativity...there is nothing that I am not,....its Me (and you) is Oneness,not separation,although I appreciate the illusion,...for if i asked the same question,and I am everything,...then how could I know what I am?...there would be no mirrors
Great response, Willing. Agree with the oneness.
I don't know about ILLUSION. All I know is REALITY. Everyone of us here is entitled to our own opinion. My own perception and understanding of WHO AM I is different from yours. There is no RIGHT or WRONG how you or myself defines who WE are !
My question has always been related to nature versus nurture.
naure seems to be the big nurture...tell me what you think of this....(quote)

the most difficult thing for man to grasp is this; that the I AMness in himself is is his true being or father state,the only state he can be sure of......the son,his conception of himself,is an illusion...he always knows that he is,but that which he is,is an illusion created by himself (the father) in an attempt at self-definition
thinking this could be true,cause if one is everything,you couldnt define your self as any particular entity or thing....i am that i am
The conclusion I came to when answering this question is.....I am God. God is Love. Therefore, I am love.
Surely you can only know yourself as no-one has more experience of you than you. And no-one has access to all your thoughts like you do. The power to reason and to question is a great thing and yet the most common thing we do is judge ourselves, draw comparisons with others and strive to be someone we're not.

All of those things lead us to fail or fear in some way unless we achieve our goals. And who is to decide whether that goal is ever beyond us. Again, we will judge ourselves.

If we can simply 'be', be satisfied with the little things, be realistic in our expectations (yet never limit ourselves within them) and can co-exist with others comfortably all will mostly go well.

The fact is that we are judged too by others on what they see, hear and know (or think they know)
about us. Who we are will also depend on who others (and times of sickness, unemployment, stress and circumstances/environment) allow us to be.

The answer I believe is in the question. The words I AM appear there and I AM comes from the verb to be. The question to me is Who will you be? which incorporates imagination, hope, belief and hopefully
thinking and movement. Who am I? suggests a question or search in the room. Who will you be? suggests an open door.
To : peterlaird

Well said..... :)
love be or not to be?...what to be? the Oneness? Freedom? it All?
Be oneness and be all. :-)