Oh wow, ssph.  I guess they know what they are doing, but texting too.  A little bit scary for me.
Just thinking, probably semi-automatic bikes.
I have been riding a motorcycle for almost 15 years now and I absolutely love it. I own a Harley Dyna low-rider, 1450 cc, with 122,000 km, rode the Oregon Coast twice to San Francisco and Napa Valley, rode through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Vegas, Los Angeles, most of the western US States and western provinces in Canada. Riding is a passion of mine so I start riding in early Spring and continue riding into the late Fall, having heated vest, jacket, pant, gloves certainly helps to extend the riding searson. There is nothing better than riding the country roads and just absorb the absolutely stunning scenery in the Banff National Park. In another few months, riding season will be here....
Another rider here, first bike was a 72 Honda 350, owned various bikes since then. Have 3 sons who ride as well, find it hard to get all 4 of us together, but the youngest and I get out when we can. Riding season started for us 3 weeks ago.
Bought my first bike when I was 12 years old (1967) by selling coke bottles and news paper route money.
A whopping $50 cash for the most beat up Honda 90 ever made.
Been riding since , and don't plan to give up.
Currently own a 94 model FXLR Harley , stolen and stripped , but recovered. Sad looking now , but one day she will roar again .
Hi I have ridden mostly twins but only one was a Harley, I have had Moto Guzzis, Nortons,Triumphs,BSA's a Suzuki Vstrom1000 and now ride a GSX1250 suzuki.
I have ridden to North Afric, San Francisco, All over the west of Canada and the US. All over europe. I love to ride.
I have owned motorbikes for about 35 years.
I bought my first bike when I was 19 - a 1977 KZ400 special. Drove all over Alberta, and from Alberta to Thunder Bay, Ontario and back.
Have also owned a Gold Wing (1984 GL1200A), a 750 Yamaha, and a Suzuki C50. I currently own a Yamaha vStar 1300.
I have travelled all over Alberta, BC, and the Northwest US by bike.
Hahahah I saw this forum "Who loves  to ride" and was so excited. Then I realized it was for motorcycle enthusiasts. I ride horses. I am still laughing to myself
When i turned sixty i said to myself By gum im going to challenge myself by doing something i have never done ..learn to ride a motorbike .One safety course and 12 years later i still LOVE  the sport.Have learned that there is a big difference between knowing how to ride a bike and knowing  how to ride one well. It realy is an art form and i learn every time im on that bike.My current ride is a 1983 Honda Shadow 750cc on trickle charge in the shed as i type ! :D
Chrisgirl wrote: Hahahah I saw this forum "Who loves  to ride" and was so excited. Then I realized it was for motorcycle enthusiasts. I ride horses. I am still laughing to myself

LOL, I thought the same as you.
Me too! lol
Another "old" thread, only this time no new posts. But i'm a postin' anyway. Yep i still LOVE to ride!! Started out when i was 16 yrs of age on then boyfriends, future husband and now ex's Triumph 650. Have ridden many different brands and sizes since. I learned to ride when it was rare to see a female riding, no helmet laws or endorsements required. :D Have loved to ride ever since, and i don't see that ever changing.

Now i just have a baby scooter until i can get a bigger one. Hey it's still two wheel FUN, and gets the wind in my face. I love it!


So are all the riders gone from 50plus? :?: :?: :?:
I guess they are...
Image :? But someday... :D
Don't give up that easy, someone will turn up unexpectedly :)

Up here, those two wheelers are stored for the winter, to cold to be riding them.