I ride a 2006 Yamaha Morphous 250cc scooter. If anyone out there has any stories they have about what they ride or where they have riden to. We can compare stories and compare the funny stories.
...I do...if I ever get around to it. :-)
stelthrider48 wrote: I ride a 2006 Yamaha Morphous 250cc scooter. If anyone out there has any stories they have about what they ride or where they have riden to. We can compare stories and compare the funny stories.

I have a '78 1000cc Sportster. Just went for a 100 mile ride (on May 21) from Bucksport to Castine to Deer Isle and back to Bucksport.

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I am contemplating return to riding after many :oops: years. I am considering a Cam-am Spyder. I tested the automatic this weekend and moving to try the manual this week. Do you know of them, can you offer an opinion? I like all the features it offers including reverse! I originally was taught on a Sportster about 1975. Back then I rode a baby 250 Suzuki between the men who rode much bigger Harley's, Triumps, Honda's and Kawasaki's! This has 3 wheels (LOL) but a lot more umph! Take a peek!
I have seen several of them but haven't ridden one as of yet. They are nice and do look different. My next bike will be a Victory and then probably a Gold Wing near retirement time. I'd say go with what looks good to you. Should be a very dependable ride.
Hi Kent, thanks for the input. Guess I should start by spelling it correctly... Can-Am Spyder! I have now ridden both the manual and automatic and prefer the manual... seems my body parts DO remember how! lol I have a friend with an 8-ball and my son just purchased the Harley V-rod (is it?) . I have pretty much decided to do this and I'm working out all the details like housing and insurance. The Spyder is a very safe-stable ride with many goodies. I am very excited! Now... simple problem, red or black? When the salesman when asked "how" I would decide... I said "well, black goes with everything". Thought we would all fall on the floor laughing! This morning was sooo beautiful here I would have gotten out of bed when I woke at 5;15 and gone riding rather than hiding under the covers until 7! heehee I love to be out and about while the rest of the world sleeps. When I finish the deal I hope to find new friends to ride with... 2 or 3 wheels! :wink: Any riders in South Eastern Pa, Delaware or Central/Southern NJ, please write! Huggs Susan
I have been riding motorcycles either my own or behind a guy for 40 years and have no plans to give it up yet. I have arthritis in just about every joint of my body and have fibromyalgia so bad some days I can hardly get out of bed but I refuse to give up the freedom of the wind in my face and the feel of the open road. I hope to own my own bike again but if I don't I will just have to keep begging rides from friends and strangers. And they won't be strangers long because bikers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are special people that appreciate the little things in life. The appreciate their friends that rode with them that day in the sun or the rain and sat with them by the fire and camped with them under the stars. And if there is someone camped nearby all alone they will invite that person over for a cup of coffee or a beer. And for comradeship. And after all, isn't that what we all want and need?

I learned to ride back in 78, my first bike a 76 yamaha 400rd. I still have it! Hoping might be able to get it on the road again with a lot of work and a little tlc. I ride an 86 honda shadow 700vt, when time permits. Unfortunately work, weather, life doesn't permit very often. I also have an 88 honda magna 750. Unable to ge it on the road this year, mechanic says it has a dead cdi brain but needs a running similar bike to plug it into to be sure. So far no luck. Oh well, at least one bike runs! :!:
I have a Custom built '93 Harlley FLSTF. A friend and I completely rebuilt it in 2007. It has over sized tanks (6 gal), "Street Sweeper" fenders, 20" rise Ape Hanger handlebars, a custom paint job and an exhaust that sounds better that Pavorotti.
I ride with a club of Combat Veterans and though it takes a few days to recover from an all day road trip, I will not consider not riding. I can't help getting older but I do NOT have to act my age. :wink:
hi everyone, my buddy ken and i just returned 6 days ago from florida where we rented new harleys like our own. 1073 miles later in 8 days or easy riding back highways and along the east coast south of daytona. temperatures of 80-90 above.beats the 5 above at home and a foot of snow!lol! maybe in a few days i can get mine out for the 1st ride of the year! :D we even tipped into georgia along the way. i think this will be an annual or bi-annual trip! have fun and keep the shiny side up! dave
I have been a pillion passenger for quite a few years now and I loved it. We rode from Gibraltar to Scotland and took a month doing it. We didn't take the direct rout which helped us enjoy the journey all the more. We found places in Spain that the Spanish go to for weekends away especially in Arragon. We then took in Northern Italy, places like Pisa and Ferrarra, before heading north again. I've had to give up now because of Osteoporosis, but I am working on recovering from that.
Hi I ride a 2009 Triumph Sprint 1050 Sport Tourer. Now I'm retired I ride as often as I can. I visit the Isle of Man for the TT races every year and to take in the scenery of such a beautiful place
I love to ride my Cervelo P2Sl or my Cervelo R3 ... oh ... you mean bikes with motors other than myself ... never mind ... :D
I used to ride a Honda to work! I had started work and couldn't afford a car so bought a bike which my parents forbade.  ho-hum.  Now, don't laugh, but there wasn't even a helmet law in effect then.  Ladies didn't wear pants/trousers to work!  Mini skirts were out and long hair.  Yup, the sixties.  I had so much fun with that bike.  I will always remember it fondly. :-)  I was one of the first females to ride a bike around the city and got a lot of looks.  I just loved the freedom I felt riding.
I don't know how to drive motorbike but had a lot of experience as a passenger of motorbike taxi in Thailand. Do you know that in Vietnam some vietnamese can text with one hand while driving motorbike. :shock: