i work for a company that has many employee benefits. Today there was a money management and 401K session offered free to all of us. The line i liked was, Warren Buffett said
" do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left AFTER saving". just thought i would pass that along. That's all.
Thanks BW! 
Yep, I agree.  
yes BW  that is a great concept..

 Our kiwisaver(which I've been in for a while)  is equivalent t to  your 401K has such good returns and they also do identical private investment funds averaging at 10.53% ,but more like 13-14% in the last few years.

 If your 401k is like ours you can't lose as whatever I put in it is nearly matched by the govt & my employer,plus of course the compound interest added on... 

  We can pick who we want  to manage our kiwisaver and what sort of risk we want to take,mine is with my bank and I can pop in online and look in detail what is going on and change which sort of fund I want 
You are never too old to start saving .... 
what a cute name "kiwisaving" !! it is like that here also,, we can change whenever we want,, the stocks.....i just wish i would have started saving years ago...better late than never tho ?