scrummy wrote: We are leaving on OCT 31st, No Ifs or buts the PM said,
Maybe he meant , No Fits or stubs, cos now they seem to be stumbling again,
Rees Mogg aka moggy fleas again said The Irish dont matter, and BOJOs dad
apologized on TV for saying all the Irish do is shoot one another,
I Dunno if these statements are slips of the tongue or plain rude arrogance,
As for PM Bojo, It could stand for Botched Job, Before the make these remarks
they might want to ask, who is the civilized world laughing at, Certainly not us,

Looks as if we are not now as Boris lost a vote to keep no deal as an option! The drama continues! :lol:
Further is the Bus. Kerouac is riding along.
Ken Kesey calling HQ for directions. Go Chief
Hey Taz, Glad 2 C Dorian didnt reach U,
It has been a bad few days re Brexit, it seems to be getting nasty,
UK more like DK, (divided kingdom), and i wish PPL would sit down and talk,
PMs family are affected as are a lot of other families,
The choice of words used today could have been a bit more delicate,
A Lot of good PPL from all over died in trenches during wars,
for whatever reasons they had, It is a time for reasoning and cool heads
and not this , We want out anyway we can, which has proven to be, No ye cant.
Fully understood Scrummy, my brother. gtcu
Finally we could have a solution, after all the talks and bargaining,
PM says F... this and shuts down the House of Commoners, He says
a lot of members of the house have no gratitude, I give them an extra
five weeks paid leave and they still bitch about it, When Bojo was here,
he got kinda taken aback when he said to our PM, im here to do a deal
and our Leo replied, we had a deal, didnt anyone tell you. He only stayed here a few hours cos he had another debate about having an election, Dunno what happened there cos we were all watching The Speaker speak about finishing up his speaking, tho he did a great job, canvassing has already started to replace him, Bojo says talks are ongoing about leaving, EU dont know who he is talking to
cos its not them, maybe its a cryptic crossword thingy,
The Speaker did a great job ?? JC what planet are you from

Does anyone else just want them to stop the merry go round so they can get off to be ill. I've had enough now. Deal, no deal, then maybe a deal (not likely say just about everyone else in the EU), now we're so confident in getting a deal, everyone is preparing for the more likely no deal ending. All this spinning around is giving me motion sickness. :lol:
Hi Sara , Dod, Maybe im on PLANET OF THE APES, since this whole
farce is like a circus, Clowns n all thrown if for good measure,
Ian Duncan Smith sayin Bojo will be a brexit hero if he goes to prison.
What kinda goodies is he on, I wonder if he knows there is colour TV now,.
and we found the Titanic, Sara werent you supposed to bring cake this time,
and you are right ,most EU ppl cannot believe it has become so TOTALLY embarrassing. and a great cure for motion sickness is not to get emotional,
Somehow i dont think that makes any sense, but hey this is Brexit.
Why did they hold a referendum?
Was it some sort of joke?
The people had their say didn't they?
Are the people not relevant any more to the pompous idiots in the parliament?
Just curious, as getting the same here in Australia.
Don't know where the idiots in government are coming from, but they certainly aren't working for people and country.
In 1672 the Dutch government did similar to it's people, and when they had had enough , the people dragged the Prime Minister out in to the street, and chopped him up and ate him.
Glad I'm not a politician in 2019.... :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol:
Gday Nite, Can you imagine Boris Stroganoff with MAYonaisse,
followed by a Farage rochet and a glass of Chateau Corbyn,
Maybe we should talk Rugby for the world cup and get away from this
for a while, The Ladies can join in as well, they can talk about all the WAGS and
what they bought or didnt buy, Ireland played England a few wks ago,
they beat the crap out of us, but we bounced back,
Anyway nice to meet you.
He meant to say the indelible sulk,
And not The Incredible Hulk,
Captain America will back him up.

Did somebody mention something about Planets.
I am just a Cowboy. Lonesome on the Trail.
The starry night, the campfire light,
the Howlin' winds wail.....
The Coyote calls.....
Oh Home on the range, Where the Deer and the Antelope play,
TAZ, This is very serious, new ideas are being explored,
cept for Backstop, That is non negotiable, Maybe with the new
Rambo movie out, The Hulk might get a few new plans to ponder,
There is a delegation of Pro Democracy PPL from Hong Kong in US
as guests and getting support for their movement,
They are saying the green man did nothing for them,
but has he done anything for anyone, EU think he is playing games.
and he also became the Invisible Man at a press thingy.
Baronite wrote: In 1672 the Dutch government did similar to it's people, and when they had had enough , the people dragged the Prime Minister out in to the street, and chopped him up and ate him.
Glad I'm not a politician in 2019.

Not sure i would want to eat Boris. Just saying,......
Understood my friend Scrummy. Both Paladin and I try to keep track of it all.
In meantime, try stay safe, my brother.