Cerb, I dont know you, I have never spoken to you or met you,
but i can understand your frustration, Anyone that thinks they can score points by ridiculing the dead, that kind of stuff is for a SAT nt pissup,
A proper statesman would not use that kind of gutter,

BTW, His new name on social media is Sideshow Bojo,
( taken from sideshow bob in The Simpsons)
scrummy wrote: Cerb, I dont know you, I have never spoken to you or met you,
but i can understand your frustration, Anyone that thinks they can score points by ridiculing the dead, that kind of stuff is for a SAT nt pissup,
A proper statesman would not use that kind of gutter,

BTW, His new name on social media is Sideshow Bojo,
( taken from sideshow bob in The Simpsons)

I agree, Scrummy. Nobody took Hitler seriously even after the initial violence began.
Now he wants to put customs posts on our island,
Most EU people think they are just playing games, stalling for time,
We have had peace here for nearly 20yrs and we dont need anyone with
little character, trying to mess with that, He is not talking to the mens club now,
he is dealing with Intelligent responsible people, and all the bullish guff
dosent cut any ice with these people. A lot of PPL are saying,
Go Now, we are listening to this for 3 yrs and chances are, it could be more,

If they are still in EU after Oct31st, Petrol stations will stop selling all products,
They dont want all the Brexiteers going wacko and doing a Guy Fawkes thingy.
So, The Backstop is a bridge to nowhere,
Well there are troubled waters for someone,
I Dunno which i liked better, Simon or Garfunkel,
Paul sang a nice version of Slip Sliding Away, Art was more
dont give a care type but he did sing All i Know, (1 of my favs)
They were very harmonious together, not like EU and UK,
Now what has this got to do with Brexit, How the hell do i know,
But Simon and Garfunkel singing The Boxer kinda sums it up,

Of Every blow that laid him down and cut him till he cried out
in his anger and his pain, I am leaving, I am leaving, but the fighter still remains,
lie la lie, lie la lie lalala lie la lie.
Well. were nearing the end at last, (apart from the name calling)
and it looks like a NO DEAL, so where from here,
Our Gov has been preparing for this for a while, so they tell us anyway,
No point in saying are the UK ready for a no deal since they cant agree among themselves, Big D in US said today that the bombing in Syria was a bad idea,
can anybody tell him it was never a good idea, but since he is so intelligent, as he says himself, he prolly meant it was a bad idea to say it wasent a good idea,
Another few days of talks before Brexit happens, Bojo keeps saying, Lets get it done, We have had a lot of visits from UK Prime Minister here in last 3 yrs than in the last 30 , Those bloody Irish can never see sense, If the Chinese army enter Hong Kong, I wonder will the big two be so vocal, Maybe they will and phone for a takeaway.
Hold the back page, middle page, chicken wings whatever,
Things may be about to change, Our lion Leo and UK lion Bojo met 2day
and there is optimism, Depends now on EU summit, We have been saying it here all the time on this forum,, Talk, do not dictate, PPL dont wear that dialogue anymore,
This is 21st century , not 18th or 19th, I Know some are caught in a time warp
like maybe send for DR Who to fix this. We wait and see.
We are nearly there, I hope no group decide now to mess it all up,
The idea of putting an invisible border down the Irish Sea was priceless,
If a UK fishing boat caught some fish with Irish accents , they had to pay for em,
and the same for the Irish, What a loada Codswallop,
And the idea of, no more swimming across the sea, and ye cant sail pass this point, Have ye a license to ski in our waters, Will Bojo have to seek an extension,
Pres Macron seems to be digging his heels in, We want it in writing he says,
preferably in blood, that guy is really enjoying messing PPL about,
Another 4 hrs and all will be revealed, Or Not.

At the centre of all this are the 6 counties in Northern Ireland
and i wonder how many PPL outside Ireland could name them.
And Belfast is not one of them,
So we have a deal, this one is for The Guiness Book of Records,
It only took over 1000 or so days, UK are saying its a great deal,
Cattle will give more milk, Chickens will lay more eggs etc,
Others are saying its a worse deal than the previous ones, All that remains now is for THE HOUSE to pass it, (Or Will They), Some feel sold out if this goes through,
But credit to all who have achieved this tru dialogue and not do as we say,
Saturday will decide, the PM is rallying support for it, He is promising some dissenters tickets to go to Japan and see ENG play in world cup final, That's how confident he is, We play the All Blacks on Sat in quarter final, I never saw so
many PPL walking around with rosary beads in their hands, praying in latin as well,
Scrum my friend,
Let the fools be, I have watched for years as it has hardened your arteries, so let go. Peace from your bro Taz.
Taz, TY for consideration, but Im cool with all this, I find it amusing,
I Really couldnt give a ,,,, if they left 2moro or nxt wk and took some more with them. Who could believe that one of the most educated bunch of PPL could create such a mess. Now the name calling has started , some say they have been betrayed by the PM, and Farage said some nasty snide remarks about some EU ppl, so much for diplomacy, Methinks this is not over yet,

Now i have to call my THERAPIST again, Ive paid him a fortune since this started.

Hugs TAZ.
Understood Scrum, my friend
So Super Saturday is gonna be mighty Monday, or terrific Tuesday,
Unless there's an amendment to the amendment about the amendment,
How about putting Eddie Jones in charge, he certainly has the ENG rugby team
going in the right direction, Unlike us, we were walloped by the Kiwis,
But Eddie is an Aussie and kinda brash, he would not be like the gentry in Westminster, The way business was conducted today was like something out
of like Westminster, PM kinda lost it, Moggy Rees was gazing at him as if he were
The Oracle of some kind, I will not seek an extension he said, but il get Moggy to write the letter or another 1 of my apostles, He has until 11 to do it and BEG the EU to grant it, BTW he never said he would die in a ditch, he meant he hates it when he drops a stitch.
Monday Monday, Cant trust that day,
Monday Monday, Sometimes it just turns out that way.
Well we did say the letter would cause confusion, (no signature)
When the French saw the letter they went,
Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu, The Hulk has become The Invisible man,
This man is magnifigue, how can we say no to this great man,
But the speaker said no again,

Maybe tomorrow it will be ,
Goodbye Ruby Tuesday,
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day,
Still im gonna miss you.
Yes im stuck in the middle with you,
And im wondering what it is i should do,
Its so hard to keep this smile from my face,
Loosing control, yeah, Im all over the place,
Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
Here I an, stuck in the middle with you,

Now The PM said he would leave by Oct 31,
But he never said which year, and that crowd in EU,
granting an extension, after i distinctly told them, not to give it,
I Think this is the 4th one, I saw a few clips of Mr Farage abusing PPL at EU,
Did he think he was a Millwall game maybe or wherever,

So, Here we go once again with our suitcase in our hands,
running away down any F,,,, road. and i swear once again
that im never coming home, ETC ETC.
Well we did say it, Eddie Jones is the man to lead the way out,
In his own words, We beat the Gods of rugby, and he is perfectly right
they gave the All Blacks a right whoopin, Gonna be a great final,
We had Rassie Eramus here coaching a few yrs back before he went back to South Africa, Brexit is in kinda Limbo, the EU are kinda pissed over leaked stuff about what UK will do when they eventually leave or not, EU are saying we have other business to do , get back to us if ever ye come up with something concrete,
I can imagine Eddie Jones in House Of Commons and the speaker asks ,
would The Honourable Mr Jones like to say something, and Eddie
replying, who are you calling honourable you self righteous git.