Hey BW, This is really bad in US now, when some States are banning planes from other States, I Hope ye do everything to stay safe (both of u), I can sent some food and a few crates of Coor's if u want me to,

Syl where did TAZ go, i have rang lots of times to no avail,

Also latest polls say BIDEN has a 14point lead over Big D.

Hugs n stuff.
Hey Scrummy,, TAZ is OK,,,,,,,e-mail him perhaps ? Biden over Big D (does D mean dumbass? ) Doing OK on the coors,, and thank you..Boss at work said I need a vacation after holding the fort down at work,, lololol... It's not over by any means,, will stay alert and cautious until whenever......And yes,, people are quarantined when flying and landing in dif states....Glad you are OK...xoxoxoxo
D stands for Donald, as in lame duck, or what was Cheney's first name,
Next week he is planning a big gathering at MOUNT RUSHMORE for 4th of July,
The Native American PPL are not impressed, Im expecting a swat team some day cos i stole an ashtray from TRUMPS tower in NY years ago.
Nothing much happening in talks with EU and UK,
EU says all the money UK owes will go to towards Covid, That if UK comes up with the goodies, The drama with Jonny Deep and Ambur Herd has us all fascinated, (YAWN), He said she threw a bottle and he hadent even drank it, She says the bottle was empty and he was drunk at the time, Then there is the matter of who peed on the bed, He says it wasent him cos he likes to stand and admire himself when he goes, She says he never stood out much for her, Can you imagine the court official calling out , Will Mr Deep and Ms Herd please rise,
and Ambur smiling to herself,

Our country is mourning the passing of Jack Charlton, A very gentle man
who did a lot for football in our little country.

Thank you Jack.
Not much to write about BREXIT, Its still gonna go on but all countries have their own worries right now, Scotland are looking for Independence again, Wales are looking to host the biggest leek contest,, Jonny Deep might win that,, and here in our little country, next year 2021 it will be 100 yrs of partition and we think its time for a united IRELAND, maybe BOJO will remove UK from our island,
That would be a real Brexit.
Looks like one of our PPL in EU is in big trouble with his bosses,
Some members of our Government took part in a golf/dinner thingy,
While the rest of us are adhering to strict measures, this bunch of eejits (approx 80) had a get together telling each other how they love using their irons and balls,
As for social distancing, in their defence one said there were at least 3 pints between me and the next guy, I think he was saying the other guy was a lush,
Some have resigned and some got fired, some say they are gonna help PPL in the third world, (and if ye get there, dont come back), that will teach ye to have a bit of respect for the PPL who have suffered and for our great FRONTLINE PPL in every country.
Scrummy,,,,,,all I can say is THANK GOD FOR COORS LIGHT !!!!!!
Hey Syl, Have you ever seen The COORS AD with J C VAN DAMNE,
The muscles from Brussels looks as tho he's on death row,

How are ye getting on, I was sent for a COVID tst a few wks back,
It was negative but 3 days waiting for a result was kinda hard,
It will be part of the new normal here now, to be tested if u have sympton's,
I hope ye keep well at home and i'l send another 5 cases of booze when i get my pension again, Now you are not to feel guilty that i have f... all left for food.

Hugs n stuff.
Hey Scrummy !! No,, I haven't seen the Coors ad,, I do not watch TV , alas.... Daughter and I are doing OK,, I am still going into work everyday but that is about it. Most are working from home so only about 20 people at my work out of the usual 450+. Alot got furloughed or laid off or axed,, ick,, but fortunately I am considered 'essentail"...Glad you are OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps Our air conditioner broke last night,,,waiting for someone to come and check it out,,,too hot here in Arizona (114F predicted high today) to not have an A/C unit,, dang !!!!!!!!!!!!

So the gloves are off, BOJO says there will be no more talks in a few wks,
and the deal to leave that he negiocated will not take place, WOW , what an honourable man, His spokesman DOMN... Ra,,, (aka as Doe the Rabbit) says they have a new plan for the UK,, EU are saying nobody is bigger than any other country in EU , and nobody will dictate to them, but the PM says the other dancing bear across the atlantic will back him up and trade will not be affected, He is referring to the man that calls PPL who were lost in war as losers and said COVID would not affect the US, but Big D says things rashly, he blames it on all the medals he has to wear for serving his country,BAWK BAWK,
The PM addressed the UN by video, He told them they needed to get their act together and unite to fight the virus, This now from a man who refused to close down the UK when it all started, But he knows what he is doing even tho no one else does, Big D in US says there will be no gracious handover of power if he loses to Joe Biden, (he calls him the binman) maybe that's why he made the supreme court appointment, Anyway i wonder what happened when Mr Rabb visited DC, rumour has it his bodyguard left his gun on the plane, It kinda brings a new meaning to the mile high club somebody playing with their weapon on the flight, maybe 9ml instead of mile high.