scrummy wrote: Hey Syl Hugs,
You are not the only 1 not into politics, Neither are Tweedledum and Tweedledee, U can guess who they are, Big D conquered the virus and he is in great form, (i wudent mind gettin some of the heavy chit he's on) He tore off his mask like Tarzan, good job he didnt shout, get me Jane,
UK leader said COVID is nearly divorce spelt backwards and it separates PPL as well, isint he really clever,

Syl, Keep safe cos this is not gonna be over any time soon,
Again Hugs.

There was another view! :lol:
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So now according to to the PM, the EU must change their
agreement so he can change his again and again, Since the man has no word
the EU should rightly tell him to Foff, Maybe he should spend his time finding the North of England on a map since he messed that up too, and what about telling a parent he cant see his child b/c of lockdown, Although when he heard the monkeys on Gibraltar were getting out of hand, he threatened to go and give them a piece of his mind, when the monkeys heard the wild man was coming, they went quiet,
So the EU are sticking to the agreement even if he wont and lets not forget
if Joe Biden wins he has stated there will be no interference with our peace process, Your bluff might work with some BOJO but it has been called, So over to you,

Wasent it a pleasure to see Justine Ardern be re-elected in New Zealand, That lady has more going for her than the alleged leaders of the free world,