Kinda sounds like when Norfolk Railway merged with Waypal Delivery service.
When you absolutely can't bank on any service:
Just call Norfolk & Waypal. lol
Coincidentally I got the whole series of Yes Prime Minister on DVD as a Christmas present! You should watch them as they are not only funny but very close to true politics!
Hey Taz, Big G, I really liked Eddington, Hawthorn and Fowles, Very Funny,
Even Yes Minister was great fun, I remember having an album of David FRy, he took d piss out of american politicians, Im sure that was his name,
Some of the crowd we have here are like something out of Darby OGill and the little people, (sorry for the insult Darby), they are caught in a time warp,
Young PPL here are very progressive, they dont buy into that old chite,
IE, That's theway it always was , Who cares they say, we aint living under any1s dogma or rules, Freethinkers.
Well the scaremongering has started,
It looks def a NO DEAL exit, so all trade etc under threat,
PPL here are wondering about foodstuff, Our leader says no1 will go hungry,
I dont think anybody wants to live in Hungary, ( we dont know the language)
Even tho it is a lovely place, and i think we have a member from there, a really nice lady, and we dont wanna go to Greece either,
all singing MAMA MIA here we go again for a few slices of Beta every few days, No we are staying here, anyway who's gonna water my plants in the attic,.Oop's forget that last part.
Didn't Hungary fry a Turkey in Greece?
U are right Taz cos Col Saunders opened up a place there,
Can you imagine a Kentucky accent in Greece,
Wud u likes fries with that, and Anthony Quinn saying,
stick ur American chips up your Aristotle, while Nana Mascara sings blowing in the wind.

Taz, i was in Turkey a few yrs ago, i went to see the lost city of EPHESIS,
(google it and see it for yourself) all the guides there use different colour umbrellas for to follow as its always very busy, I kept saying to our guide, i cant see you, he was jumping up and down tru the tour, ( I know, im a brat).
Well another setback poor Mr Hammond looked like somebody going to the Tower, With a face that he had on, He would be an ideal man to
walk behind hearses, or a bearer of bad tidings, Knocking on some old lady's door to tell her that her cat was run over, He should smile and give his face a holiday, With the US on no pay, Brexit now Deadxit , Japan back killing poor whales, Nothing but bad news, it was even mentioned at the UN about over 50 losing a member,
Now they are saying a NO DEAL could mean that
Irish horses may not be allowed into The Grand National at Aintree,
Well we are ready for that, they wont wear any shamrock nor will they neigh
in Irish, and that is straight from the horses mouth, How will the UK cope without the Eurovision song contest, or no more Euro Disney, all back to Blackpool again fish n chips and a brolly, or the UK ppl could come here,
we had her majesty here a few yrs ago, she loved it, Harry and Meghan
said they had a great craic here, (craic is Irish for fun) and we will take sterling too, tho its not worth much now, Over 50 may move over here too
im sure we could come to a fair price for the club.
Oh Yeah, Munster walloped Gloucester tonight.
So here we are , after 2yrs of talks and getting THE BEST DEAL according to Teresa Maynot, Parliament say its a NO DEAL,
So where from here, i think someone needs to have a slice of pie,
(the humble kind) and as far as we know the bakers ran out of it,
Mr Corbyn is kinda gloating, not so much at Ms Maynot but by the turmoil in the tory party, Jeremy get your own house in order before you blow your nose, trumpet, bum watever, cos this sh... is far from over.
Nobody wants this mess, but the reality is that it is so very real,
and unless PPL start looking at the big picture, it may get a lot worse,
Pride in one's country is not earned by running down another's,
so we wait and see can this be sorted before it becomes another fiasco.