Hey, Sweet Moon...

those sure were some goodies ya posted...and I'm sure you must know that you're gonna be missed a LOT by a BUNCH o' folks 'round here too, includin' MOI! :(  

Anyhoo, here's one that I'd like to post...for a rogue biker in Italy that I STILL miss very much...and the song still brings tears to my eyes too!
My favorite piece of music, Gabriel's Oboe from the movie The Mission. When I listen to it, it transports me to anothe place for those 2 minutes.

Perhaps Love - John Denver & Placido Domingo.
We ended Richar'ds funeral with this song.

Hey, Jessy...

THANKS SO MUCH for that lovely piece by Andre Rieu...and katmommie, "Perhaps Love", as sung by Placido Domingo & John Denver is an absolutely brilliant pairing! Now, I'd like to share an amazing (and perhaps a bit surprising) piece, by MY favorite violinist, David Garrett! I hope y'all enjoy it!  :D



They all took my breath away.  Thank you both.   :D  
Thank you both for sharing such beautiful music.

katmommie2 wrote: Thank you both for sharing such beautiful music.


And to you for sharing your lovely contributions Carla.  You are such a kind person.  

I don't know what I did wrong, this one isn't clickable.  If someone knows how to do it for me, please help me.  Thanks.  :D
Jessy - Let me see it this works . This is the song that Jessy added.

Oh, thank you Carla.  I don't know what I was doing wrong. :)
You are welcome, Jessy. I have had that happen to me before.

A long time (French) favourite...Anne-Marie David - Tu te Reconnaitras (1973 Eurovision)
another Nina Simone fan.  You know the good stuff jaffa, love this gal.
love Nina! Thanks Jaffa...it is a new day...:-)