I am finding myself listening to LOTS of music while in this pandemic social distancing year. Being a widow and retired means I can stay truly isolated, but isolation is simply unnatural. Hence, I turn to music.

My recent discoveries: The Pretenders put out a new album that is actually not too bad. Metallica put out a new album with the San Francisco Symphony that I also enjoy. My music tastes are quite eclectic and far-ranging. Many years ago, I played cello.

I thought it would be interesting to find out what others are listening to during this pandemic time. What's on your playlist?

bob dylan 30th anniversary concert
travelling wilburys
john prine
billy joe shaver
I play lots of music too and listened to many in last few months so will narrow it down to 3 which I probably listened to the most:-

Wildness by Snow Patrol
Small World Turning by Thea Gilmore
Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Bill - The Traveling Wilburys is an interesting mix of artists. It is always fun to listen to some of those collaborations.

I listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers, too, G!
i forgot lucinda wiliams
Aplus7lady i found myself playing a lot of EWF ( Earth Wind & Fire) and Led Zeppelin the mothership album. But, my playlist is all over the place, it depends on the mood of the day. because i do like some of the modern artist. But truly love classic from whatever genre i play. salsa, soul, rock, metal, reggae, etc..
Jonesy, I have similar music in my rock playlist on Spotify. During this pandemic, I'm singing along with all those classic rock hits. Good thing no one's listening to me! LOL Stay safe. Keep smiling! A+
I just use auto-dj, and enjoy a wide variation of music
Hi, cyderman! I just got into using Spotify since C19 hit. Although I did listen to music a lot before that, I've definitely ramped up my listening time since C19 hit. I have not done auto-dj on Spotify, but I do have multiple playing lists. I'm not even sure how to do auto-dj on Spotify, but now that you mentioned it, I want to try that out too. Sounds like fun. Stay safe in your part of the world. Keep smiling! A+

I would say "don't stand so close to me " LOL

Sue x
Or "I am a rock, I am an island" Simon & Garfunkel!
I have always loved Never Tear Us apart by INXS but also some very great covers. My latest fave is the cover by Paloma Faith, I like to sway to that one...
Sue, that's funny! I like that -- very apropos!

G -- We certainly are all islands -- or are we islands in the stream letting the C19 flow away from us?!
DSynch, I had not heard that one until I looked it up. You are talking about Better Than This, right? Wow, yes, I liked that one too. Thanks! A+
Great topic of discussion, Aplus7lady! I love talking about music.

My current "Favorites" playlist contains songs from Beethoven to Rage Against the Machine. LOL

I like all sorts of music. The only music I really can't listen to is heavy/death metal, gangster rap, and country. I like some country artists, but generally can't listen to it for long amounts of time. I like Randy Travis. That deep voice is very appealing.

But I have to admit my current obsession is for a young artist by the name of Dimash Kudaibergen. I discovered him on YouTube a couple years ago and he just blows my mind with what he can do with his voice. I confess I listen to him everyday....without fail. :)

(Relaxing listening to "Stairway to Heaven" which is currently playing on my Favorites playlist)