4 Tips for Long-Distance Relationships

4 Tips for Long-Distance Relationships

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Today, more than ever before, couples are facing the challenges posed by long-distance relationships (often referred to as "LDRs"). Though technology and the internet make it easier to bridge the hundreds of miles between long-distance lovers, the physical separation of such relationships can still pose a challenge to even the most passionate and dedicated couples.

Whether you have met online and live in different regions of the country or are separated due to work commitments, the following tricks may help you to bridge the gap in a committed long-distance relationship.


1.) Use technology to your advantage!

Today, it is easier than ever to feel connected to your long-distance lover. Be sure that you and your partner each have a high-quality webcam on their computer, tablet, or phone so that you can video-chat with one another regularly. Skype and FaceTime are two excellent free services for making video calls.

If you and your partner each have at least one "smart" device, such as a tablet or smartphone, you may also enjoy engaging in casual gaming together. Fun application games such as Words With Friends, Draw Something, and What's the Phrase? will allow you to play games and send messages back and forth to one another, keeping your connection going throughout the day. Even if you live in different time zones, games can be a surprisingly fun and personal way to connect with your partner.


2.) Have real-time movie date nights.

Though you may not be able to sit in a movie theater side-by-side, you and your partner can still share a favorite movie together, despite the distance! Pick out a movie to watch ahead of time and rent it or stream it online. Get comfy at home with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite candy, and settle down to watch the movie, starting at the exact same time. Afterwards, call each other and discuss your favorite parts of the movie with one another. Though you may not be in the same physical space, there's something especially intimate about sharing a movie together, knowing that your partner is laughing and smiling at your favorite scenes, right along with you.


3.) Don't be afraid to get a little dirty.

An unfortunate consequence of being in a long-distance relationship is that you and your partner cannot share as many physically intimate moments as other couples can. That being said, this shouldn't prevent you and your partner from being intimate in as many other ways as possible. Try opening yourself up to new forms of intimate communication. Give yourself permission to talk dirty to your partner on the phone, and don't hesitate to send your partner a flirty text message. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can even perform a "strip tease" for your partner via a one-on-one video chat. Don't let technology hinder you from being romantic and sensual with your partner. Use these tools to make your LDR as passionate as possible.


4.) Create a journal for each other.

A few times a week, write down memories, thoughts, or stories for your lover in an old-fashioned paper journal. Feel free to include paper clippings, printed photos, or other small knick-knacks that your partner might enjoy. After a month or two of this, send the journal to your partner so that they can read an entry each day, and write entries of their own to you. Spray your favorite perfume on a page of the journal, too. The scent will make your partner feel as though they are right beside you. Exchanging a journal is a surprisingly intimate gesture, and is something that will make you feel close to your lover, even when distance keeps you far apart.

Fostering intimacy and togetherness can be even more challenging in an LDR than in other relationships. Even so, it is certainly not impossible to have a romantic and exciting relationship despite the miles between you and your partner. With the right approach, you and your lover can be drawn together closer than ever before.


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Editor, 11/14/2014