• Wonderful Winter Date Ideas
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      Wonderful Winter Date Ideas
      In the winter months, it can be tempting to simply sit around at home, curled up under the blankets while watching TV. Though enjoying a few cozy days around the fire is a seasonal must, the colder months remain a great time to stay engaged, going on dates and having fun with others. Are you pl... more ...
  • Jingle, Jingle! Loving the Holidays While Single
    • 0  | 240 views
      Jingle, Jingle! Loving the Holidays While Single
      With families sending out picture-perfect Christmas cards and couples snuggling close to avoid the winter winds, the togetherness of the holiday season sometimes serves to make singles feel lonely. Pestering questions from nosy friends and relatives make matters all the more frustrating for those of... more ...
  • Little White Lies to Tell on a First Date
    • 0  | 1300 views
      Little White Lies to Tell on a First Date
      As children, most of us were taught that lying is wrong. Though honesty is almost always the best policy, some subjects are best avoided when meeting somebody new. If these topics come up on your first date, telling a little white lie might actually be in your best interest. If the relationship prog... more ...
  • What Really Counts as Cheating?
    • 2  | 1671 views
      What Really Counts as Cheating?
      What Really Counts as Cheating?What do you consider cheating? Most monogamous individuals will agree that having a physical affair while in a serious relationship is a treacherous form of betrayal. The term "cheating," however, often covers a variety of other behaviors, many of which fall ... more ...
  • Should We Be "Friends with Benefits?"
    • 4  | 1917 views
      Should We Be "Friends with Benefits?"
      Romantic relationships can be complicated, messy, and emotionally draining. For these reasons and others, singles are increasingly turning to "friends with benefits" relationships. In such relationships, two consenting adults generally enter into sex-based, no-strings-attached partnerships... more ...
  • Gaslighting: Recognize the Signs
    • 2  | 2113 views
      Gaslighting: Recognize the Signs
      Gaslighting is a type of psychological abuse. This narcissistic form of psychological torment relies on presenting false or contradictory information to someone in order to make them doubt their own instincts and perceptions. The term is derived from the classic play Gas Light, in which a husband ma... more ...
  • Realistic Expectations in Dating & Relationships
    • 0  | 2214 views
      Realistic Expectations in Dating & Relationships
      All of us have expectations regarding dating and relationships. Though we are cognizant of some of these expectations, we may not be conscious of others. It is important to determine whether or not these hopes are realistic. Having high standards, for instance, may benefit us in some ways and hinder... more ...
  • Becoming More Sexually Assertive
    • 2  | 2014 views
      Becoming More Sexually Assertive
      Being sexually assertive is a learned skill. Many of us struggle to express our needs, clarify our desires, and establish boundaries in the bedroom. Though you may have struggled with confidently expressing yourself in the past, it's never too late to change the way you communicate with your sex... more ...
  • Flirting at 50+: Do's and Don'ts
    • 2  | 3080 views
      Flirting at 50+: Do's and Don'ts
      Dating is stressful at any age. Perhaps the most anxiety-inducing aspect of dating is flirting. What should you say? How can you make your interest known without scaring her off? By following these tips you'll be sure to win over the object of your affection in a charming and natural way. D... more ...

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