• Little White Lies to Tell on a First Date
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      Little White Lies to Tell on a First Date
      As children, most of us were taught that lying is wrong. Though honesty is almost always the best policy, some subjects are best avoided when meeting somebody new. If these topics come up on your first date, telling a little white lie might actually be in your best interest. If the relationship prog... more ...
  • Understanding the Ketogenic Diet
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      Understanding the Ketogenic Diet
      If you’re in tune to trends in the dietary world, you may have already heard of the ketogenic diet. As with many popular diet plans, the keto system has received both praise and criticism for its restrictive dietary plan and impressive weight loss results. What Exactly Is the Ketogenic Di... more ...
  • Living a Longer Life: Tips and Tricks
    • 0  | 344 views
      Living a Longer Life: Tips and Tricks
      Most of us dream of living long and healthy lives. Reaching one’s 100th birthday, however, is easier said than done! Maintaining the right attitude and habits can play an important role in boosting our longevity. In addition to standard beliefs regarding health and wellness, certain less conve... more ...
  • Crafting 101: Methods & Materials
    • 0  | 398 views
      Crafting 101: Methods & Materials
      Arts and crafts projects can be extremely rewarding. These artistic pursuits allow you to express yourself creatively and often result in a final product that can be displayed, sold, or gifted to others. An abundance of online resources make it easier than ever to take up a new craft without investi... more ...
  • Overcoming Your Need for Approval
    • 1  | 549 views
      Overcoming Your Need for Approval
      Seeking approval is a natural human tendency. To avoid rejection from others, we often tell little white lies. We may agree with others despite having different opinions, constantly apologize for our actions, dole out insincere compliments, or commit to obligations that we have no interest in fulfil... more ...
  • How to Support a Sexually Abused Partner
    • 0  | 655 views
      How to Support a Sexually Abused Partner
      Sexual abuse is among the worst experiences a person can endure. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the act, sexual abuse is almost universally traumatizing. Far more children and adults are affected by sexual abuse than we realize. The profound psychological wounds left by these despicable... more ...
  • Fresh Summer Recipes
    • 0  | 516 views
      Fresh Summer Recipes
      Summer is the best season for enjoying fresh, locally-grown produce, flavorful herbs, and mouth-watering meat from the grill. Using these ingredients and limiting the amount of time spent hovering over a sweltering stovetop will help you make the most of the season. For a burst of fresh, season... more ...
  • Being Less Judgmental
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      Being Less Judgmental
      Though most of us like to think of ourselves as tolerant and open-minded, the majority of us make snap judgments about others. Being judgmental is often second nature to us. We might raise an eyebrow when we notice someone we perceive to be over- or underweight. We might write off an acquaintance af... more ...
  • Traveling Abroad for the First Time
    • 0  | 701 views
      Traveling Abroad for the First Time
      As you enter your retirement years, you’ll discover that you have more time than ever to invest in cultural exploration and traveling. Though most of us have traveled domestically, many adults have never actually traveled abroad. If you’re inexperienced in international travel, plan... more ...
  • Simple Ways to Eat Healthier
    • 1  | 676 views
      Simple Ways to Eat Healthier
      Though many of us are convinced that we’re eating well, most of us could afford to improve our diets in a number of ways. Those of us who eat large servings of food, for instance, may be accidentally overshoot our daily caloric goals. Some of us may struggle with snacking or binge eating. ... more ...

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