6 Winter Date Ideas for Boomers

6 Winter Date Ideas for Boomers

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Dating in the later years of life can be just as stressful as dating when you were a teen or young adult. You can fret about what to wear and what you may talk to your date about that would be mutually interesting to both of you. One of the best steps that you can take to reduce the amount of stress that both of you may feel as you gear up for your date is to select a great activity or location for your date. When you are both having fun in a relaxed environment, things may simply flow more naturally for the date. The challenge of selecting a great activity or location for a date can be magnified when the weather is cold outside during winter months. However, you may consider some of these great winter date ideas for boomers for your next date.


Go Dancing

Few things can be as fun and exciting as hitting the dance floor, and both of you may love to slide into your dancing shoes for a fun night on the town. You can find a great dancing destination for seniors, or you can look for a special event that offers dancing and music. Pay attention to the type of music and dancing available to ensure that this will be fun for both of you.


Take a Winter Stroll

There are some lovely days during the winter when the sidewalks are not icy and the sun is shining brightly. You both may love to bundle up and head outdoors for a stroll. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee to keep yourselves warm as you walk along outside a winter wonderland. You may combine a winter stroll with a movie, lunch or dinner at a local restaurant. After all, you may only want to walk outside for about thirty minutes in the cold.


Visit a Museum

There are large and well-known museums in some of the mid-sized and larger cities, but there are also smaller museums that you can visit that both of you may not have visited yet. In addition, you can visit traveling exhibits at larger museums.


Look at Art

If you are both into art, you can tour an art gallery or art museum. This is a great way to ensure that you have plenty to talk about on your date. You can visit galleries and museums that neither of you have been, or you can go to one that one of you may already love.


Coffee, Dessert and Books

Many seniors love to read, and you can always visit a local bookstore to pick out some new books for you both to enjoy. Consider reading the same book, so that you can discuss the book over future dates. Then, head to a local coffee shop for coffee and dessert before you head home to start reading.


Tour a Winery

You may not be able to stroll across the vineyard at a local winery when the ground is covered with snow and ice. However, you can sample wines and tour the interior of the facility. For a truly great time, consider touring multiple wineries for a full day of fun. You can even consider purchasing a few bottles so that you can enjoy them together later in the evening or during future dates together.


These are just a few of the many ideas that you consider for your winter dates, and some of these ideas can even be fun for the warmer months of the year. The fact is that the weather outside may be absolutely dreadful and frigid, but you and your date can still have an amazing time together during the winter season. With these great ideas, you can have fabulous dates all winter long, and these date ideas will ensure that both of you have fun and enjoyable time together as you get to know each other better.


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