Enjoying the Holidays While Single

Enjoying the Holidays While Single

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The holiday season often evokes a multitude of strong emotions. Though many of us feel jolly and content during the winter months, being single can put a damper on the joy of the season. Nearly 50% of singles say they dread facing the loneliness they feel at Christmastime.

Being single during the holidays, however, doesn't have to be a miserable experience. By avoiding the pitfalls that lead to isolation, you can have a wonderful and fulfilling holiday season.


Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude


One of the biggest factors contributing to our loneliness during the holidays is our inability to see the positive aspects of being single. Instead of meeting a family of potential in-laws, you can relax and watch holiday movies at home! You can sing along to Christmas carols without a partner rolling their eyes and telling you to quiet down. You won't have to fret over finding the perfect present for your new sweetheart. Being single affords you many freedoms that couples simply can't possess.


Prepare for the Standard Questions


Nosy relatives are often cited as a major reason why individuals avoid holiday get-togethers. Instead of stumbling through these encounters, prepare for them. You can answer simply and honestly or prepare a witty response to questions regarding your relationship status. By planning for these conversations, you can lessen the sting of comments you might receive from family members and friends.


Put Things Into Perspective


Though it can be easy to become absorbed by sorrow and self-pity during the holidays, avoid wallowing in these feelings. Accept the fact that real holidays are never the same as those in the movies. Relatives might bicker, food might burn, or presents might disappoint you. Remember that this season only come around once a year. The holidays are one of the few occasions we have to spend quality time with our family. Embrace the season and appreciate the family and friends that you do have. Listen to old family stories and help your relatives prepare their holiday meals. Being single will be the last thing on your mind when you live in the moment and savor the time you have with others.


Have a Winter Fling


Being single doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a little romance this holiday season! Singles have plenty of opportunities to date and mingle with others during festive parties and events. After a cup or two of eggnog you just might feel confident enough to tell that special someone how you really feel about them! Attend lots of Christmas parties and visit the bar with your friends. Actively pursuing romance just might land you a kiss under the mistletoe!


Go Out with Single Friends


You're not the only one who's single during the holidays! Rather than spending December alone, reach out to some of your single friends. Organize a holiday brunch or a fun evening meal. Plan a movie night with other single friends or get a few of your coworkers together for an evening of pizza and bowling. Plan a "Secret Santa" exchange and surprise your friends with your thoughtfulness. Spending time with others is guaranteed to get your mind off of your singleness.


Get Into the Holiday Spirit


It's easy to get into the habit of staying at home alone during the holidays. This behavior only feeds the negativity we feel about our current relationship status. Instead of wallowing, get out and enjoy the holiday season! People-watch at the mall, visit a Christmas market, or go ice skating. If you'd really like to get into the Christmas spirit, take things a step further and volunteer for charitable cause. Purchase Christmas gifts for children in need or create a care package for soldiers in combat. By enjoying the holidays and focusing on others, you can truly spread the spirit of the season.


Take a Much-Needed Vacation


If the thought of facing your extended family for the holidays is just too much to bear, consider planning a seasonal getaway. Book a skiing trip for one or take a relaxing tropical cruise. Though your family may protest, the decision is yours alone to make. If lounging on the beach sounds better than lounging on the couch in a festive Christmas sweater, taking a holiday vacation just might be the right option for you.

Though loneliness during the holidays is common, it is possible to overcome these feelings and enjoy the season. By embracing the freedoms that the single life offers, you can have a fun and fulfilling Yuletide season.


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