Over 50 and Single: 10 Reasons Why You should Try online Dating

Over 50 and Single: 10 Reasons Why You should Try online Dating

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Starting dating again in your 50's or 60's might seem scary for many of us. Especially the idea of blind dates. Have you considered online dating? Internet usage has increased greatly among those over 50 over the past decade. And as a result of the increased online literacy, online dating has really taken off among boomers. If you are single, over 50, and looking for love, you owe it to yourself to try online dating. Here are 10 great reasons for seniors to try online dating.



1. You Get to Know People Before Meeting in Person


Everyone has been in the uncomfortable spot of trying to make small talk. The nerves are rattled, the voice is shaky, and the sweat begins to pour. Not a great feeling, is it? Take some of the anxiety out of the equation by using online dating. Before you ever meet in person, you will already have a great idea of who is sitting across from you at the dinner table. You will know their likes and dislikes. This makes conversations much easier to have.



2. You Only Meet Those with Whom You Have a Connection


Finding no connection with your date is one of the people's worst fears. It can leave people feeling helpless as they try to find a good way to end the date. The opportunity to have meaningful conversations online helps weed out those who are not a good match. Not only does this decrease the awkwardness of the first in-person date, but it also allows you to build a level of trust.



3. You Get to See Their Pictures


Okay, this sounds shallow. Perhaps for you, looks do not matter. You are probably in the minority. Online dating allows you to view photos of potential dates. While one must be careful not to be tricked by fake photos, the ability to discover physical connections is always helpful. This is also a great way to discover whether or not a person has good hygiene and/or style.



4. Provides Low Pressure Way of Discussing Future Goals


As people progress past the age of 50, long-term goals become more important. Finding someone with shared goals can be difficult. Having those conversations before getting serious is tough to do in person. However, it is more natural to discuss such matters during online conversations.



5. You Get to Discuss Family Dynamics


There are many situations in which family dynamics doom a blossoming relationship. Children and grandchildren often rebel against seniors who find love. Naturally, some worry about their inheritance. Others worry about their loved ones getting hurt or getting scammed. Learning of potentially jealous offspring can prevent painful heartache down the road. Along the same lines, it is good to know if there is a crazy ex in the picture. Another benefit in this area is learning if a widow or widower is able to move on mentally.



6. You Get To Discuss Deal-Breaker Issues Like Religion Before You Meet Up


Religion can be an important topic for many. It can also be a touchy subject. For some, religious views can hinder potential relationships. Others refuse to date someone of a different faith. It is good to get these types of facts and views out of the way early on. Why waste time if you know the relationship cannot go any farther?



7. You Discover Political Views of Other Person


Like religion, political views are often an area of conflict among people. This is true for dating relationships as well. If your political persuasion does not mesh with your partners, you need to be aware upfront.



8. Online Dating Is Great for Those with Disabilities


Senior dating sometimes involves those who are immobile. Whether due to disability or lack of transportation, many seniors are unable to go on physical dates. Online dating provides alternatives to traditional dating. It allows those who have trouble finding compatible partners the opportunity to meet that special someone. For some, conversations and video chatting are enough. This also helps cure the feelings of loneliness many seniors carry.



9. You Can Even Find Someone in Another Part of the World


With online dating, you are not confined to meeting people in your own city. Online dating literally opens a world of possibilities for you. Chat with someone nearby or thousands of miles away. How romantic is it to find the love of your life a world away!



10. It Is a Safe Place for Mature Conversations


Like most adults, seniors have real sexual needs. With the increasing rate of sexually transmitted infections among seniors, online dating provides a safe place to explore sexual desires. From sexting to determining the level of intimacy the other party desires, seniors can find out answers before ever meeting.




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