Putting Together a Romantic Care Package for your long distance partner

Putting Together a Romantic Care Package for your long distance partner

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With more and more couples meeting online and through dating apps, long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe, even couples that live near one another may find themselves meeting up less often to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. For those who don’t have the opportunity to see their partners each week, sending a care package can be one of the most meaningful ways to show affection from a distance. 


Even if your love interest lives nearby, assembling a care package is a great way to tangibly express the feelings in your heart. Follow these simple suggestions to help you get started. 



Consider Delivery Times & Shipping Costs


Before planning out your care package, it is important to factor in delivery times and shipping costs. Sending a package from Europe to Australia will be significantly more expensive than sending a package within your home country. If your package will be shipped abroad, it is important to consider the weight and value of the items you will be including. Though your partner might enjoy some foreign sweets, it doesn’t make much sense to send a few cheap chocolates if shipping costs will exceed $50! 


Delivery times are also worth considering. If you’d like your package to arrive before a certain date, such as a birthday or anniversary, be sure to begin packing your parcel a few weeks in advance. It may also be wise to consider the efficiency of the postal system in your country and the nation you will be sending your package to. If you have reason to believe there may be significant delays, it may be better to send your care package sooner rather than later. If it arrives too early, you can always ask your partner to wait until a certain date before opening it. It’s always better for a gift to arrive a little early rather than too late!Be sure to also consider the season in which you are sending your package. Chocolates and other temperature-sensitive items shouldn’t be mailed in the summer. Care packages sent in December might take longer to arrive due to the number of packages sent during the holidays; take these factors into consideration accordingly. For packages being sent abroad, be sure to research if any items you’d like to send might be flagged by customs in the destination country. If you send anything that isn’t approved by customs, your package might be delayed, or your partner may have to pay additional fees when receiving your gifts! 



Include Words of Affection


No matter what you include in your care package, a written card or note is always worth including. If you’re comfortable expressing yourself in writing, consider pouring your heart out in a love letter. If not, consider just writing a simple message in a card and sealing it with a kiss. Make a few handwritten “love coupons” that your partner can redeem the next time you meet up. Consider writing a simple poem to express your feelings, or include the writing of another author or poet to convey how you feel about your partner. Though gifts can be heart-warming, these words from the heart are what will make your care package truly memorable. 



Make it Personal 


Use your care package as a way to deepen your bond with your partner. Spray a card or stuffed animal with your perfume or cologne and send it to them. Start a journal or scrapbook that you can mail back and forth to one another, including snippets about your daily life and the little things that remind you of your partner each day. If you have a favorite picture of you as a couple, consider printing out a high-quality photo and sending it in a frame or even inside a locket. Go retro and make a “mixtape” CD for your partner. Send them a cute childhood photo of yourself, or something that you enjoyed in your youth. Though it might feel cheesy to include some of these items, they’re some of the best ways to deepen the bond between you and your partner.



Pursue their Passions


As with any form of gift-giving, it’s usually best to treat your loved one to gifts that you know they’ll enjoy. Spend some time reflecting on your loved one’s passions and hobbies. How do they like to spend their free time? How do they like to relax? For someone who loves spa-style relaxation, some bath bombs, facial masks, massage oils, and candles might make for the perfect relaxation package. For those who love getting outdoors, a new buff, beanie, waterproof phone bag, and travel snacks might be welcome additions to their backpack. For foodies, consider a mixology kit, gourmet snacks or sweets, or a gift card to a favorite restaurant or cooking course. If your partner is a fan of a particular TV show or music artist, consider getting them some official merchandise or custom-made fan art from a website like RedBubble or Etsy. Using your partner’s passions as a guide is the best way to construct a parcel packed with joy.



Share Something of Yourself


Amongst the things you include in your care package, consider sharing something of yourself, too. What is something meaningful of yours that you’d like to share with your partner? Include one or two items that will give your partner a deeper insight into who you are. Perhaps you’d like to share your favorite book with them; maybe you can have a “book club” where you re-read your favorite book and discuss it with them. Maybe you’d like to send them your favorite tea or coffee blend, or perhaps you’d like to go more personal, and send them a special item from your past that means something to you. If you’d like to spice things up, consider sending your partner a more intimate gift to remind them of you. The possibilities of what you can include are endless, and are only limited by your own imagination!



In Conclusion:


Creating a care package is a wonderful way to express your feelings for your partner. By reflecting on who your partner is and what they enjoy, you can create a care package that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. Get a box and start filling it up today! Your thoughtful gifts are sure to remind your partner of just how much you love them. 



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