Top Rainy-Day Date Ideas

Top Rainy-Day Date Ideas

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The month of April signals the beginning of spring. As the trees begin to sprout new leaves and flowers begin to bloom, the weather often becomes gray and drizzly. Though the growing plants need the precipitation, rainy days can often put a damper on our plans, particularly when they involve spending time outdoors.


Have your plans been foiled by an unexpected downpour? If so, try one of these fun date ideas instead! 


Get Gaming


Gaming, in all of its many shapes and forms, is an excellent indoor dating activity. Visit an arcade and play retro pinball games or classics like Pac-Man. If you’d rather stay at home, have a low-key evening playing a few favorite video games or computer games, either using two-player settings or taking turns playing. Board games and card games may be classic rainy day activities, but they’re never a bad idea, either! Play a game like Monopoly at home, or see if there’s a “board game café” in your local area. The choice is yours!


Start a New Series


If you and your date are television junkies, use a rainy day to get started on a new show! Start a series that you’ve both been wanting to watch, or begin watching a show one of you enjoys but the other hasn’t seen before. Make a big bowl of popcorn or grab a bag of potato chips and snuggle up on the couch! A date doesn’t have to be fancy to be enjoyable.


Embrace the Rain


If you and your date are feeling daring, head outdoors and embrace the downpour! Put on some old clothes and a raincoat and splash around in the puddles! Dance around with an umbrella while humming “Singin’ in the Rain.” If you’re feeling particularly bold and the ground is soaked, grab a winter sled and slide down a muddy hillside. Afterwards, take hot showers or baths, separately or together, depending on your level of intimacy. Dry off and cuddle together at the end of the night. Though your “downpour date” might be unconventional, it’s guaranteed to be one you’ll never forget.


Get Crafty


Arts and crafts aren’t just for kids! Use a rainy day to do something crafty with your date. Print out a few pictures and make a small scrapbook of your favorite memories from previous dates. Engage in other handicrafts, or simply have fun doodling, coloring, or painting. If you’d like to stick with a theme, enjoy a few craft beers alongside your crafting projects! Even if you can barely draw a stick figure, you and your date will likely have a good time getting creative together.


Spend a Day at a Museum


If you’re in the mood for some culture, visit a local museum on a rainy day! Spend a drizzly afternoon admiring paintings or learning more about history or culture. If you and your date are animal lovers, see if there’s an aquarium in the area that you can visit instead. Whatever it is that you choose to do, you’ll surely end your date having learned something new and seen something beautiful!


Create Your Own Cuisine


At-home dates don’t have to be boring! Invent your own fun by getting creative in the kitchen together. If you’re feeling daring, work together to see what sort of fancy meal you can whip up using just the ingredients in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Look up some simple recipes online. Invent your own cocktail or pop two “mug cakes” into the microwave for dessert. Put on some romantic music and see if you can manage to cook up a palatable culinary creation. If your plans fail, ordering pizza is always a reliable back-up option!


Get Moving


Though you might feel like curling up under the covers on a rainy day, bad weather shouldn’t hinder you from getting active! If you and your date are up for leaving the house, find a fun, sporty activity to partake in together. There are a number of great indoor sporting activities that you can partake in together, such as bowling, roller skating, ice skating, or rock climbing. If you’re in an urban area, other facilities, such as indoor trampoline parks, may also be available to you. If you’d rather stay at home, simply look up a few “how-to” videos on YouTube. Watch tutorials teaching you how to dance, or look up a couples’ yoga routine to try together. Getting your endorphins flowing will likely leave you both feeling blissfully re-energized.


Delve into a Good Book


On a rainy day, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as sitting down and delving into a good book. Visit a local bookstore or library and enjoy some quiet time with your date, discovering each other’s favorite books or starting a new novel that you’ve both been interested in reading. Grab some coffee and have a little “book club” discussion afterwards, discussing favorite characters and story plotlines. If you and your date are comfortable doing something low-key together, having a reading date just might be the perfect stormy day activity for you.


Though spring may bring rainy weather, it doesn’t need to ruin your plans! Enjoy an indoor activity, and reschedule your “sunny weather” date for another day. If anything, the bad weather will be a great excuse to enjoy another fun date in the near future!



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