Wonderful Autumn Date Ideas

Wonderful Autumn Date Ideas

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As the leaves begin to change color and the winds begin to grow cooler, many of us find ourselves wanting to snuggle up with our lovers. Whether it’s a bright and sunny day or a drizzly, chilly evening, these simple, fall-themed dates are guaranteed to lead to romance! 



Have a Spooky Movie Marathon


Autumn is the season of spectres, spirits, and everything scary! Whether you're a fan of terrifying horror films or prefer more light-hearted Halloween fare, fall is the perfect time for cuddling up on the couch with a few favorite seasonal flicks. Grab your lover's arm in fright while watching frightening films like It or Night of the Living Dead. Laugh your way through hilarious classics like Hocus Pocus or Ghostbusters. Pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie marathon with your lover!


Connect with Your Inner Farmer


Find a local farm or orchard and take part in the fall harvest! Stroll through a pumpkin patch or alongside a row of apple trees and pick out fresh produce for yourself. If a local facility produces apple cider or offers other fun opportunities, like tractor-driven "hay rides," consider these potential date possibilities, too! If not, look for local petting zoos in your area. Whether you're feeding goats or picking out a pumpkin, you and your date are guaranteed to have a great time.


Complete a Puzzle Together


Most of us spend much of our time staring at our smartphones, TVs, and computers. Instead of having a high-tech date, switch off your devices and complete a jigsaw puzzle together! Dust off an old puzzle of your own or purchase a used one at a thrift store or online. You and your lover can spend a low-key evening chatting and working together side by side. If all goes well, you just might discover that you're one another's "missing pieces," too!


Enjoy the Scenery


Autumn is perhaps the most beautiful time of year. Choose a means of transport and a scenic location and head out to enjoy the views for yourself! Drive through a hilly or mountainous region in your area. Observe the brilliantly-colored leaves and look for deer, squirrels, birds, and other forest wildlife. If you're feeling active and adventurous, go hiking, biking, or horseback riding in a beautiful natural location, perhaps alongside a river or around a local lake. If you have the opportunity to do so, consider enjoying a picnic, building a bonfire, or gazing up at the stars. After basking in the glory of the great outdoors, cuddle up with your date, enjoy a warm drink, and relax. You’ve earned it!


Get Frightened By Ghosts and Ghouls


Embrace the spirit of the Halloween season by having a hair-raising rendezvous with your lover! Visit a cheesy holiday attraction like a corn maze or a "haunted house" for some spooky seasonal fun. If you dare, look up locations that are allegedly haunted by actual ghosts and spirits. Have a ghost hunter lead you around a haunted location or peruse an eerie cemetery with your lover. Take a few pictures and look through them later. Perhaps an orb or apparition will appear in them!


Get Creative in the Kitchen


On a cold and dreary day, nothing could be better than warming up by the oven or over the stove. Instead of going out to eat, spend an evening with your date preparing a fancy autumnal feast! Make one of your favorite dishes or try something totally new! Roast a turkey or prepare a creamy pumpkin risotto. Bake a pecan pie or whip up a fancy apple cider drink for you and your lover to share. Get creative and work together to make a meal that you'll both love. For an added dash of romance, turn off the lights and enjoy your meal by candlelight.


Unleash Your Inner Child


If we're honest with ourselves, behaving "like adults" is rarely much fun. Instead of taking things so seriously, allow yourself to relax and play like a child. Talk to your date about the things you loved doing when you were young. Afterwards, spend a day indulging in childlike fun. Rake up the leaves in your yard and jump in the pile. Build a fort out of pillows and blankets and cuddle up underneath them. Spend some time coloring or enjoy some of your favorite childhood snacks and candies. Both you and your date are sure to enjoy some laughs while treating your inner children to a silly day of play.



Though every season has its own romantic elements, fall is particularly well-suited for romance. On a sunny day, get outside and enjoy the crisp air and bright, blue skies. When it’s overcast and the air is nippy, cuddle up with your crush and savor a nice meal or drink indoors. Regardless of what you choose to do, take the time to enjoy the season. Winter will be here before you know it!



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