10 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

10 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

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According to research, almost 80 percent of Americans gain weight during the festive season. This is because during this period, people party a lot and consume more calories than they realize. If you would like to avoid adding extra pounds during the holidays, be sure to use the following 10 smart tips:



1. Never Go to a Party Hungry


One of the worst things you can do is arrive at a holiday party hungry in a misguided effort to save up your calories. The hungrier you are, the more likely you are to eat a lot of food. So as to stay in control, take a nutritious snack beforehand. By doing this, you will be able to choose your food wisely at the party without being driven by hunger. If you do arrive hungry, take some healthy appetizers and drink water before filling your plate.


2. Divert Your Attention


When attending a party, don't just look at it like some kind of food event. As much as there is plenty of food to eat, focus your mind on other things such as listening/dancing to music or cooling off in the swimming pool. You can also walk around and socialize with other guests.


3. Control the Risk of Temptation


Don't walk through the break room at the workplace or your pantry at home when you know it's filled with candies and cookies. Take a mental note of tempting cookie stores at the workplace or home and avoid frequenting them. Also, avoid keeping treats on your kitchen counter or office desk.


4. Be Selective


When it comes to appetizers, try to limit your indulgences to small portions. This is to prevent you from overeating your lunch or dinner. If you must have a deep-fried appetizer, make sure that it is only a small serving.

Serve your food in a small plate and restrict your intake of chips, cheese and butter crackers. Also, take small portions of low-calorie desserts such as shortbread cookies, angel food cake, frosted mini muffin or ginger snaps. Avoid desserts that contain cream, chocolate chips or cheese.


5. Try the One-Day Program


If you are constantly invited to holiday parties or bombarded with displays of candies, you can still control overeating and weight gain. By embracing the one-a-day program, you commit yourself to taking one piece of candy or one small serving of a cookie each day during the festive season. Focus on healthy vegetables, fruits, high-fiber grains and some lean proteins to keep your appetite in check.


6. Pace Yourself


Whenever you are eating, chew your food slowly at a leisurely pace. The longer you chew, the more time it takes you to finish a meal. This helps you eat less and avoid weight gain.


7. Work Out Regularly


Working out is one of the most effective ways of losing or maintaining body weight. For the best results, strive to exercise at least one hour every day. Some of the best workouts include walking on the treadmill, riding a bicycle, parking farther away from the mall to increase your walking distance and taking the stairs rather than using the elevator.


8. Limit the Intake of Liquid Calorie


Avoid taking alcohol and eggnog coffee drinks whipped with spiced rum at holiday parties. These drinks not only lack nutrients but are also known to contain high levels of calories, which contribute to weight gain. If you must drink something, opt for fruit juice or stick to a small glass of wine every day.


9. Make the Reservations


If you family or friends ask you to dine out, ask them to allow you to make the reservations. This way, you can pick a restaurant or hotel that is dedicated to offering healthy foods to its customers.


10. Eat Your H2O


If you are finding it hard drinking many glasses of water daily due to one reason or another, make sure your diet comprises of a green salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and few slices of watermelon or avocado. These water-rich foods not only keep you hydrated but also help you maintain a healthy weight.


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