How to Survive Coach Class in Comfort

How to Survive Coach Class in Comfort

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Airplane tickets may be more expensive these days, but we all know that paying more for a seat in coach class does not make the seat any more comfortable. Tight accommodations in the coach cabin can mean you need to be a gymnast to fold your body into the space available. While you can't do anything about the size of your seat, you can make yourself more comfortable by creating a small survival kit to bring on the plane.



Compact Comfort

Pack a small bag to store in the pocket of the seat in front of you so that it is accessible throughout the flight. If the kit fits in the seat pocket, you won't need to be a contortionist, or disturb other passengers, to get to the items you need. This bag is separate from the plastic bag of liquids you will also pack, and it contains key items to make your coach cabin flight more pleasant.


Silence is Golden

Perhaps the most important items you can pack in your comfort bag are earplugs and a music source, such as an iPod. You can use your music earphones, or invest in special earphones that are designed to decrease airplane noise and other sounds that may disturb you while flying.


Food and Water

Nothing is worse than being hungry and thirsty on a long flight. Pack a protein bar or two to guarantee you have food to tide you over. Carrying a protein bar also means you won't go hungry if the plane is delayed unexpectedly. If you bring your own snacks, you avoid paying overpriced airline prices for snacks that may not fit your diet. Bring an empty water canteen and fill it at a water fountain once you are through security. This will help you avoid paying airport prices for bottles of water and flight attendants can easily fill your canteen for you from their water supplies during the flight.


First Aid

Bring a few band-aids and any medications you may need during the flight. Don't forget to include headache remedies, which can be priceless at 30,000 feet, and cough drops to calm any tickle in your throat.


Keep it Clean

A small bottle of antiseptic gel is a key item when travelling, but liquids of all types will need to go in the plastic bag that you remove from your bag when passing through security. You can buy individually packaged antiseptic wipes that will serve the same purpose as gel, and can stay packed until you board. Use the wipes to clean your hands before eating and clean the fold-down tray before using it.


Close Your Eyes

Invest in an inflatable travel pillow that will easily fit into your comfort kit. Simply unfold it and blow it up when you are ready to rest. Pack well-designed eyeshades to keep out all the light, and you will be ready for dreaming amid the clouds.


Read and Write

Extended flights are a great time to relax or let your mind wander. Carry a small notebook and a pen to jot down any ideas that come to you, write a note to a friend in distant place, or use the pen to complete the crossword in the airline magazine. Pack a lightweight paperback book to help you pass the time, and before you know it, you will reach your destination.

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If you are tall, airplane seats aren't made for you, largely because your legs aren't in the right position and supported, which makes your back hurt.  My suggestion:  buy a "donut" often used by post-partum women that you can blow up and put it under your will raise you up, put your legs in a better position and take stress off your lower back.