10 easy, do it yourself Christmas Decorating ideas

10 easy, do it yourself Christmas Decorating ideas

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Although everyone wants to save money during the holidays, no one wants to be seen as a Scrooge. Decorating for the holidays shouldn't break the bank, so here's ten easy ways you can celebrate the season like Santa while penny-pinching like Scrooge.


1.) Boughs of holly can be found anywhere. Designer holly definitely does not deck the halls with any more cheer than fresh greenery from the backyard. If you don't have holly growing wildly in the yard, any greenery will do. Or, sneak behind the Christmas tree and cut a few twigs from the back. No one will ever notice and you'll have pine to liven up another area of your home. Put fresh sprigs in a vase and tie a red bow around the arrangement for a jolly centerpiece.


2.) Get some use out of the presents before you give them out. If you're already done with your Christmas shopping, wrap the presents early and pile them on the coffee table or under the tree to have that Christmas Eve excitement early. You don't have to go shopping to make this one work. Find boxes to wrap or wrap up some of your favorite books. (They're more fun to unwrap later.) Go all out by adding bows and ribbons to create faux-presents that look just as good as the real thing.


3.) Unshed some light. This is the perfect time of year to bust out old candles and freshen them up. Remove dust by wiping candles down with an old pantyhose. Buff scratches out with vegetable oil. These tricks will add shine before you have lit the flame. Place candles in front of a mirror for twice the style. Just make sure to keep safety first when you choose to light them.


4.) The best tags for Christmas presents come from old Christmas cards. Decorate your presents with nametags cut from images from any old Christmas cards. It's a great way to reuse the beautiful images and add a unique accessory to gifts. Any faux-presents with tags made out to yourself should be marked “From Santa” so no one catches on.


5.) Christmas ornaments aren't just for the tree any more. Gather some cheery ornaments together on a white plate for a beautiful centerpiece or pile them in a vase for a festive mantle decoration.


6.) Dig through your closets and pull out red, white, or green home accessories. Dressing up a bathroom for Christmas can be as easy as using towels in the holiday color scheme. Red and white towels are a simple way to extend the holiday ambiance to even the most overlooked rooms.


7.) Christmas cookies will never be cliché. If you plan on doing any baking, keep in mind the potential decorating benefits. Have cookies displayed on plates out in the open, but don't be surprised if there are none left for Santa.


8.) Or, skip the baking all together and tie ribbons around holiday cookie cutters. You can add these new decorations to centerpieces or mantle displays.


9.) Add some spice to your life. Seriously. Decorating is about feel. Feel Christmas through all your senses and have cinnamon and peppermint on hand at all times. Cinnamon sticks, orange peels, and nutmeg simmered in water combine for a beautiful potpourri that will spread Christmas through the whole home.


10.) Nothing adds to the atmosphere like music. Play your favorite Christmas songs for yourself, friends you know, and everyone you meet. They're joyful and only around for the next few weeks so find your favorites on the radio or your playlist. The best part is, no matter how many times you press repeat, it doesn't cost anything more. Sing along and be merry. After all, there are plenty of ways to indulge yourself this Christmas season.

Editor, 12/10/2011