10 Great Date Ideas - Autumn Edition

10 Great Date Ideas - Autumn Edition

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The nights are drawing in, trees are starting to molt their golden leaves and we can kiss goodbye to hazy summer evenings. There's no denying that autumn is upon us, but let the changing seasons inspire you to try something new in the dating world. Here are 10 ideas for you to enjoy this autumn.




Enrol in an evening class

An alternative date idea, but fun all the same. There are many interactive courses you can do together such as a chocolatier class, craft-making, or learning about astrology. You can enjoy yourselves and learn something new at the same time.


Board game evening

Perfect for a rainy day; pick out some old games and set yourselves up for a mixture of quiz and fun-style games. Playing board games together is one of the best ways to break the ice and learn about each other, because you'll be too involved in the game to be reserved.


Simply stargazing

Pack a mini picnic basket containing a plastic-backed blanket for the dewy grass, a flask of hot chocolate and some snacks, and head to the park. You can download star charts or use mobile apps in order to help you find and identify constellations.


Cosy pub lunch

A good first-date idea which won't be spoiled by bad weather, and will probably be even cosier if it's stormy out. Choose a quaint little country pub and get to know each other in front of the roaring open fire. Finish off with a steaming hot tea and embrace the warmth and intimacy of the atmosphere.


Go geocaching

You'll be chomping at the bit to have a go at this treasure hunt which is popular all over the world. You will need GPS via a Sat Nav or mobile phone, and the treasure is usually a plastic box containing trinkets for swapping, and a notepad to sign. It's surprising just how many geocaches are hidden all around you in both the city and countryside.


Woodland walk

Discover a new woodland walk - there are so many around, and it's great finding new places to explore with someone. Take a hand-held basket with you to collect some juicy blackberries together.


Bonfire night bonding

A date on bonfire night is basically a given in autumn. It is first-class entertainment, and sometimes it's even free. Firework displays are great for those early dates, as there is enough going on to be able to enjoy your date without any awkwardness. It can also be followed up by some hearty soup and hotdogs.



Wine-tasting can be a romantic and relaxing experience, and it's not just for the experts. There are plenty of wine-tasting opportunities in restaurant settings, and some vineyards offer short walking tours and extras such as cheese and biscuits.


Afternoon tea for two

We all know food is the way the heart... but mix it up a little, and opt for afternoon tea rather than an evening meal. There's something charming about cream cakes and tea, and the way it is presented; it just has an air of luxury about it. You can find a tea for two deal at an array of hotels, restaurants and cafes to suit your taste.


Visit an aquarium

If none of the above float your boat, visit an aquarium. They're fun and quirky, and ideal if you're nervous as most of the conversation will be directed away from yourselves and centred on what you are seeing. The coffee shop will provide a break that is just the right amount of time to start to get to know each other.


There's a perfect date for everyone, and with a choice of both indoor and outdoor activities and locations, you can enjoy yourselves no matter what surprises the autumn weather brings. Why not try them all?


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