10 Things Unhappy People Do

10 Things Unhappy People Do

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The secret to happiness is just as sought after as the secret to longevity. While it would be nice to find an easy answer, the truth is that your chances for happiness lie deep within yourself. Every day, you have the power to transform your life with positive thinking, yet many people choose to focus only on the negative. As you peruse this list of 10 things unhappy people do, take a long, honest look at your life to determine if you could increase your happiness by making some simple changes today.



1. They Trust No One


Although being able to discern the honest people from the liars is an important survival skill, it is important to remember that most people are trustworthy. Unhappy people tend to take the stance that everyone is out to get them, and it severely limits their ability to develop solid relationships. A limited social circle combined with the constant need to be wary adds up to a deep sense of loneliness.



2. They Fall Into the Social Media Trap


Sure, Facebook and Twitter have made it possible to stay connected to family and friends. However, too much time on social media can taint your perspective. This is because most people only post the highlights of their lives, which can make it seem as though everyone else is living better than you. Sadly, unhappy people never realize that those same friends deal with breakups, work stress and other struggles to. Comparing yourself to someone else’s social media posts will only lead to discontentment.



3.They Stick to What They Know


Everyone has comfort zones that they can turn to when times are stressful. However, never branching out and trying something new leads to boredom and a stale world view. It is important to explore new territories to increase your personal growth. Travel internationally, visit a new restaurant or take a challenging class to stimulate your sense of wonder.



4. They Hold Onto Resentment


Forgiveness truly is divine, and holding onto past hurts will only lead to stagnation. Unhappy people simply refuse to let go and acknowledge that another person might truly be able to change. Holding a grudge is one of the easiest ways to fill your days with negativity that will destroy your chances of happiness.



5. They Live in a State of Disarray


An unhappy person can often be spotted by their frantic expression as they search for missing items or race to get to an appointment on time. This is because disorganization always leads to chaos that contributes to stress. With a little planning, you can always be prepared for anything life throws your way so you come out ahead.



6. They Work Too Hard


Although hard work is rewarding, it is important to take a break so that you have a chance to enjoy those rewards. The unhappiest people in the world never take a day off. This almost always leads to burnout.



7. They Never Splurge


Just as a person needs a day off every now and then, it is also essential to treat yourself on occasion. When you splurge on a vacation, new outfit or electronic toy, you show yourself that you are worth it. Additionally, this little burst of happiness can motivate you to keep working toward greater goals.



8. They Are Control Freaks


There’s a huge difference between a healthy sense of self-control and the need to micromanage everything. Unhappy people tend to try to control everything that happens to them because they lack the skills to handle life’s curve balls. Happy people, on the other hand, strike a healthy balance between taking charge and going with the flow.



9. Their Conversations are Filled with Complaints and Gossip


Social interactions truly do shape a person’s mind, and every word a person speaks demonstrates their thought processes. When an unhappy person shares gossip or complains about something out of their control, they not only feed their negative mindset, but they also spread it to everyone else. Happy people focus on positive thoughts that flow out in their conversations.



10. They Worry Needlessly


The mantra of an unhappy people is often centered around “what if.” By filling their days with anxious thoughts about an uncertain future, an unhappy person never has the chance to enjoy the moment. Happy people, however, have confidence that they can adjust to anything in the future and instead choose to maximize each happy moment in their life.


A person’s happiness is not determined by their income, appearance or lifestyle. Instead, it is simply a matter of a person deciding to adopt a positive mindset that is geared toward personal growth. Whether you are happy or unhappy truly depends upon you so go out today and explore the world through bright eyes and a fresh perspective that changes the outcome of your day.



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Editor, 02/25/2016