12 Things That Stop People From Being Happy

12 Things That Stop People From Being Happy

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Happiness is the golden prize for many, and they spend their lives striving to obtain it. Cutting out bad habits from life and working toward a greater sense of self help to eliminate these roadblocks to happiness that impede the lives of far too many individuals is the key. Here is a list of the things you should cut out from your life:


1. Poor Health

In order for the mind and spirit to feel productive and fruitful, the body must act as the catalyst. While indulging in treats every once in awhile is fine, work toward eating primarily healthy meals and getting some exercise on a regular basis. Exercise does not have to be rigorous; walking around the block with a loved one is perfectly fine.


2. Lack of Spirituality

Religion and faith are not for everyone, but channeling some sense of spirituality can have benefits for you. Returning to church or setting aside time to pray each day is useful for those who do have faith. Even if you do not believe in the supernatural, you can develop deeper connections with yourself and the world.


3. Obsession with Money

If you asked even the richest of people, they would probably say they want more money. This obsession with money causes a great deal of stress for people. As long as you have enough to pay your bills, you can always cut down on the extras in your existence and live a more simple life.


4. Unwillingness to Forgive

Carrying burdens and grudges hurts your relationships with other people and with yourself. By carrying anger around with you, you're stifling the possibility of repairing friendships and family relationships. You either need to decide to forgive the person or to move on from the situation and live your life without him or her.


5. Lack of Fresh Air

Going outside can lift a tremendous burden off of your shoulders. Even if you are a bit skeptical about how nature can help you, give it a try. You can read a book outside, enjoy a glass of wine or take your dog for a walk. The sunshine can have an enchanting effect on your sense of happiness.


6. Too Much Junk

Living in a constant state of clutter makes you feel anxious about having to clean it up, and you probably spend a lot of time searching for possessions. Allocate some time in the next few weeks to go through all of your belongings with your family and to declutter your home.


7. Lack of Communication with Your Partner

At some point, you made a commitment to be with this person forever, and now, it seems as though the two of you barely speak. This obstacle is one that can be overcome if you are willing to put in the necessary effort. Try to spend a little bit more time together just talking every night.


8. Avoiding Vacations

While vacations are expensive, try to see if you can plan at least a little bit of time to get away. You do not need to go on an elaborate trip. Instead, put aside a small amount of money to spend a night at a favorite hotel or to go to the beach for a couple of days.


9. No Pets

Animals provide their owners with so much love, and if you are depriving yourself of that affection by not adopting a furry friend. Adoption is an excellent choice for people who want to own pets because you get to save the life of a blessed animal and bring more joy into your own existence.


10. Avoiding Intelligent Tasks

Simply hopping from television show to television show does not provide your mind with the stimulation that it needs. Try to play some games or to participate in activities that require your mind to really work. Read a few books or get involved in puzzles and mathematical riddles.


11. Little Social Interaction

Some people prefer to spend a decent amount of time by themselves, but you really want to work to find a balance. Failure to spend time with other individuals means that you are, in some ways, shutting yourself off from the rest of the world. Meet your friends regularly even if it is only online.


12. Your Own Mind

As you probably know, the mind has the ability to have a powerful effect on people. When you want to be happy, the first step you need to take is to choose to be happy. By choosing to be happy, you will make a conscious effort to select choices that detract from your joy. Do not brood about things you can't change. Cut out the the "could've, should've, would've" thinking from your life. Learn from our mistakes instead and simply try to do better next time!


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