5 Fun Group Dates

5 Fun Group Dates

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When you are first dating, being in a group can be easier than being alone together. If you are in a group, others can fill in awkward gaps in the conversation and give you time to get comfortable with your date. Group dates also give you a chance to see how your partner interacts with others. Is he polite? Is she warm? Here is a sampling of casual settings and activities that will engage a variety of couples.




Give Back

Organize a service project for the group. You can volunteer to paint a school, collect clothes for the homeless or work at a food bank. Community service gives you a chance to work together and do something positive. Doing a service project may give you insight into your date's interests, generosity and stamina. After the work is complete, share a group meal or a cocktail to mark a job well done.


Revert to Childhood

Group outings to amusement parks, mini golf courses and laser tag emporiums are certain to inspire playfulness and laughter. Share the thrill of roller coasters or team up to beat par. If you prefer something a little quieter, suggest renting horses from a nearby stable and arrange an evening trail ride. A group rental is usually reasonably priced and you don't need to be an equestrian to enjoy a relaxing ride.


Game Night

One couple can host an evening of cocktails and charades or plan a Scrabble tournament. Each couple can bring a favorite board game to share and teach the others how to play. Play on a team with your date and find out if he plays to win. Game night is a great way to gain insight into your date's temperament. Is he silly or serious? Is she an intense competitor? It's amazing what a simple board game can reveal.


Plan a Picnic

Each couple can contribute a menu item for a picnic potluck. Plan a recipe with your partner or better yet, work together to shop for ingredients and cook your part of the meal. After you eat, Play a game of Frisbee or softball or fly kites. Getting everyone involved in activities helps create conversation and a common bond.


Root for the Team

Attend a sporting event and buy a block of seats so the group can sit together. Make sure it is a sport that allows you to talk during the game. The event offers you something to talk about with your date and also offers distraction if you run out of things to talk about. Cheering on the team with the others in the group is a great way to show your spirit.


Remember that group dates have advantages and disadvantages. A group date can help ease some of the pressure and awkwardness you may feel when you first date, but being in a group may not give you enough opportunity to really talk to your partner. Take a moment to break away from the group and share a short walk or a cool drink. Always make sure to communicate clearly with the other couples before the date. The group needs to agree on the activity, the time frame and how to share the cost of the outing if the date is going to be a success.

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