5 Fun Summer Date Ideas

5 Fun Summer Date Ideas

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The temperature's rising and it isn't surprising that you feel the urge to have fun in the sun. Warm weather inspires us to take the streets, hit the beach or cool off with a stroll down to the ice cream shop. If you are looking for great summer date ideas, grab a partner and try some of the options listed below.




Cruise the Town

Nothing says summer like cruising in a convertible with the top down. Let warm breezes run through your hair and allow the sun to burnish your skin. Enjoy the thrill of an open ride with someone who loves the fresh air. Take your date on a ride to a mystery destination or just drive around town. Even the most familiar sites look different from the seat of a convertible. You say you don't own a convertible? Rent one just for fun.


Dine Al Fresco

Make a dinner date into a moveable feast. Pick a mild summer evening and select three or four restaurants within walking distance of each other. At the first restaurant, order a lovely chilled glass of rosé wine. At the second restaurant, order tapas or an appetizer. At your third stop, you'll savor your delicious main course. Plan your evening so that your final restaurant is a little further away, giving you time to work off your meal before indulging in something sweet to seal the evening. Your last stop can be for dessert at an elegant spot or at the frozen yogurt shop near home. You choose.


Memory Lane

Remember when summer meant there was no more school and you had all the time in the world to enjoy your favorite things and visit all the local hot spots? Introduce your date to some of the outings that made you smile as a teenager. A round of mini-golf may ignite her competitive spirit or you can visit an amusement park and find out which one of you is the real thrill seeker. Take a trip to the zoo to watch the monkeys and share some cotton candy. Try go-carts, roller-skating or if you prefer to stay seated, find out where fireworks are scheduled and just enjoy show.


Sand And Surf

A trip to the beach is always a perfect summer date. Take a walk or a jog along the water or toss a Frisbee back and forth. Bring a kite and take turns flying it. If there is a boardwalk, bring your bikes and ride along the beach. Once the day heats up, go for a splash and then take a snooze together in the sun. Bring a picnic, an umbrella and sunscreen to massage onto his back. Watch the sun go down over the horizon as you take one final stroll along the shore.


Screening Under The Stars

If you prefer a quiet evening together, all you need is some champagne, your laptop and a favorite romantic movie. Wait until the sun goes down and take the laptop out onto the deck or into the yard. Cuddle up together under a blanket for a private screening under the stars.


Whatever you do, don't waste the sunshine or balmy evenings by staying inside. Find a partner and step out. It's summertime and the living is easy.

Editor, 07/10/2012